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Gazebos & Pergolas

Don't let your favorite outdoor spaces only be for fair weather days, expand the possibilities with a stylish pergola or a romantic gazebo and take advantage of being outside regardless of environmental conditions. Browse below for our expansive selection to find the inviting update your yard is lacking.

Once you've made your choice don't forget to outfit it with a trendy new patio set from brands like Hanover or Breezesta!

Looking to upgrade your outdoor living and entertaining spaces?

There are so many possible options to do this.

It could be as simple as adding a fun umbrella or porch swing, outfitting with a whole new Hanover patio set, or creating a whole new space with a gazebo/pergola. Let's start there, the Gazebos and Pergolas.

First of all, most of us probably know what a gazebo is, or at least have heard of one, but have you ever thought of adding one to your own personal outdoor oasis? A gazebo will not only add a touch of charm, but this structure will shade you from the sun, shelter from the rain and become your new favorite picnic setting. Take a peek at all the charming, romantic, and fun gazebos just a click away from being in your backyard.

So, what's different about a Pergola?

Like a gazebo a Pergola is going to add style, shade, and ambiance however, where gazebos have a full cover roof or canopy, pergolas usually feature a slatted partial roof. The slatted roof will provide partial shade and partial sun allowing you to enjoy both at different times of the day. Most pergolas on their own won't provide as much shelter from the elements but usually have the option of a removable canopy to make it more functional. We have a great selection of these just a click away as well!

When shopping for a trendy pergola or gazebo, keep a couple things in mind:

  • What will the main function of your structure be?
  • How many people will your structure need to house at a time?
  • What size should you be looking at?
  • Will you require a full cover roof, or will partial coverage be more appropriate?

Dress up your outdoor living/entertaining space with a stylish pergola or dreamy gazebo and create the backyard oasis you've been dreaming of.

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