Guide to Curing Firewood

Jun 19th 2020

Guide to Curing Firewood

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When your firewood is properly cured, or seasoned, it will burn cleaner and hotter than unseasoned or green firewood. Burning unseasoned firewood will give off less heat because it has to "boil off" the moisture in the wood. It also tends to go out more often and produces more smoke than heat, which is essentially wasted money. Another down side to burning green firewood is increased creosote build up in your chimney. Keep reading to learn how in 3 easy steps you can make sure that you are properly seasoning your firewood.

Pile of split logs with axe sticking out from a piece of unsplit firewood.


Whether you are felling trees yourself or having your firewood delivered, it is important to split your firewood into smaller pieces that are appropriate size for your wood stove or fireplace (usually about 18" - 24" in length) . Not only will splitting the firewood make stacking easier but it is going to assist in the seasoning process.

There are many ways to split firewood from using a splitting maul to using log splitters. Splitting firewood by hand can be a strenuous task and we recommend the following items to make splitting your firewood less of a chore:

Log Splitters: Our Top Recommend Products

Man Splitting Wood With the Easy-Split Wood Splitter

''Easy-Split'' Wood Splitter - This unique hand held firewood splitting tool combines the "sledge and wedge" method of splitting wood all into one unit. Completely portable weighing only 12 pounds total, this tool is easy to hold yet packs a wallop! Learn more Man Splitting Wood With the Super Firewood Splitter Super Firewood Splitter - Split logs using minimum force, with minimum risk! Smart Splitter is a wood splitting tool that is designed for safety and ease of operation, saving your back, arms and shoulders! Learn More


Once you have your firewood split it is important that you are stacking it right away so that the seasoning process can begin. You should never stack your firewood directly on the ground. Your firewood should always be elevated off the ground. When stacking your firewood make sure that are not stacking your firewood too tightly or too close to a building. This will not allow adequate air flow around and through your firewood and increase the seasoning time.

Stacking your split firewood on an elevated log rack will increase airflow and decrease the time it takes for your firewood to season. Choose a firewood rack that is going to withstand the elements and will accept a cover to get the best results. Remember that you want to keep your wood dry once it is seasoned. We have a variety of racks to choose from, even one for those who enjoy DIY Projects.

Log Racks: Our Top Recommend Products

WoodEze 1 Face Cord Firewood Rack

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Firewood Moisture Meater

Checking Firewood Moisture Levels

Freshly cut wood, and most delivered firewood, will have a moisture content of 100% or more. Firewood with a 100% moisture level means that half of the weight of the wood is water. It is important to make sure that you are not burning your firewood until the moisture level is at 20% or less. Wood burning veterans usually can determine when wood is seasoned by the weight of the wood, the sound of the wood, or looking for checks in the end wood grain. A moisture meter is the easiest way to be sure that your firewood is ready to burn.