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Headboards are for both practicality and luxury. Select the right bed headboard for your room. Choose from options such as wall-mounted, bedframe mounted, upholstered or metal, sleigh or slat and much more at NorthlineExpress. All in stock today!

What is the point of a bed headboard? And is it really necessary?

A necessity? Maybe not, however, there are plenty of reasons you need a headboard for your bed.

Headboards have been present in homes for centuries. The original purposes differ by location. Ancient Greeks and Romans used headboards for the practical use of warmth. Back then, homes weren't insulated well creating drafts, which meant chilly sleeping conditions. Headboards were installed to act as a barrier between drafty walls and homeowner's heads while they slept. Alternately, Ancient Egyptians possessed extravagant headboards strictly as luxurious pieces to express class status.

Today they are still primarily used for aesthetics, however they have some practical uses as well. Modern day headboards create a cozy environment, helping you to fall asleep quicker and easier therefore improving your quality of sleep. They also create a barrier, keeping your pillows from falling and protecting your walls from abrasions and stains. For those who like to sit up in bed and read or watch tv, headboards create a back support for more comfort.

Headboards are a quick, easy way to change up the look of a room. They tend to be lightweight and don't take up much real estate in the bedroom. They come in a variety of options from wall-mounted, bedframe mounted, to freestanding models. Choose from materials like upholstered fabric, metals like brass or wrought iron, or even more natural materials like wicker or rattan.

With the collection of panel, wingback, slat, open-frame, sleigh, and bookcase/storage headboards NorthlineExpress has compiled for you, you can be sure you'll find just the right one for your bedroom today!

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