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High Temp Paint

Is your current wood stove peeling and looking in desperate need of an upgrade? Are you looking to accent your home heating appliance with a new color? Maybe you have a grill that needs a fresh look? Well the answer to all of these questions brings us to High Temperature, heat resistant paint.

High Temp Paint is a great way to give that old appliance a brand new look, or to touch up any surface rust spots that may be starting to show.

Use High Temperature Spray Paint to keep your Appliance Looking New

Whether you're in need of a simple touch up or would like to change the color of your existing appliance, the use of high temperature, heat resistant paint is a great way to help keep your appliances looking new. Northline Express offers a wide variety of colors in convenient aerosol cans for easy application and great cover ability. There are also a few colors available in quart size cans that can be applied with a paint brush. So no matter what your project calls for, there are options for you.

High Temp Fireplace paint is heat resistant up to 1200 degrees

High Temp Fireplace paint dries to handle in up to 30 to 60 minutes and is temperature tested up to 1200 degrees for a sustained length of time. A silicone protectant makes this paint rust, mar and scratch resistant, providing long term coverage that can give you peace of mind.

High Temp paint is a great way to revitalize that dreary appliance and is designed to be used on wood stoves, gas and wood fireplaces and inserts as well as BBQ grills, radiators, engines, auto exhaust, manifolds and anywhere else that high heat is a factor.

Be mindful that Fireplace paint is not intended for extended use in Outdoor areas where there is constant exposure to the sun and UV rays. However, if you are using the Fireplace paint outdoors then it is a good idea to use a Fireplace Primer as your first layer of protection

Fireplace paint is not food safe and should not be used on any appliance where it can come in to contact with food. Also be advised that food and grease chemicals can affect the protection of the paint. Fireplace paint should never be used on the inside of a BBQ grill.

High heat paint comes in variety of colors including Black, Copper, Green, Blue, Red and More!

The wide variety of color offerings is a designer's dream, as we offer over 40 options of high heat paint that can be seen on our color chart.

Typical coverage of a 12 ounce can of high heat paint is usually enough coverage for up to 12 to 15 square feet. To prevent clogging of paint can and/or nozzle during application, be sure to shake the can vigorously for a minimum of 2 minutes prior to use.

Northline Express carries Stove Bright brand Heat Resistant Paint

Stove Bright Heat Resistant Paint is manufactured by FORREST Technical Coatings. Forrest Technical Coatings is a U S Based manufacturing company that sells high temperature coatings globally. They are a privately owned company based in Eugene, Oregon and since 1978, Stove Bright High Temperature Paint has been the stove industry standard for wood, pellet and gas stoves. They supply manufacturers worldwide with bulk Stove Bright High Temperature paint for their production needs.

The benefits of using Stove Bright High Temperature Paint include:

  • High Heat Resistance up to 1200 degrees
  • 36 different color options
  • Compatible aerosol touch up line
  • Worldwide availability

With its proven performance as a durable, color fast high temperature paint, Stove Bright continues to lead the high temperature liquid coatings market for wood and gas stoves and caters to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market with bulk paint. They provide more color options for high temperature surface conditions than any other paint supplier and offer aftermarket aerosol touch ups for most colors. Pigments used in our high temperature paint resist discoloration and breakdown even at high temperatures.

Check out the full line of Stove Bright High Temperature Paint offered through Northline Express.

FAQ - High Temperature Paint - Wood Stove Paint

Can you use high heat spray paint on anything?

High Heat Fireplace paint is intended for use on wood stoves, fireplaces, and BBQ grills. However due to its high temperature rating it can also be used for radiators, engines, auto exhaust, manifolds or anywhere else that high heat is a factor.

However this type of paint is not food safe and should not be used on any appliance or product that has direct contact with food or grease.

What colors does high heat paint come in?

Northline Express offers over 40 color options of high heat paint, including black, copper, red, green, blue, orange, tan, silver and more. Here is a link to our color chart.

How long does high heat paint take to dry and cure?

High heat temperature paint usually dries in 30 to 60 minutes depending on the application thickness that is applied. In most cases it is ok to apply a second coat after about 20 minutes, but it is recommended to wait at least 2 hours before handing and about 4 hours before lighting your first fire.

What is the highest heat temp paint?

Our offering of high heat paint is temperature tested up to 1200 degrees.

What happens if you don't use high heat paint on a wood stove?

Not using high heat paint on your wood stove can lead to several issues. Applying regular paint is not advised as it can't withstand the high temperatures a wood stove generates. This can cause the paint to peel, crack or discolor, leading to an unsightly appearance.

Furthermore, regular paint may emit harmful fumes when exposed to high heat, posing a health risk. It can also compromise the stove's performance by reducing heat efficiency, increasing fuel consumption and raising heating costs.

Worst case scenario, regular paint can become a fire hazard, as it's not designed to resist extreme heat. It's essential to always use high heat paint for safety and performance reasons.

What steps should I follow when wanting to paint my stove or appliance?

There are three basic steps to painting your stove.

  1. Prepare and Clean the Surface that you want to paint. You want to remove all rust. It is recommended to use a sandblaster, sander or grinder to remove all of the rust. You also want to remove all grease, oil and grime, by using a degreaser or Acetone.
  2. Apply the paint in a thin layer. Shake can vigorously for two minutes to make sure the paint mixes thoroughly and then spray paint roughly 12 to 15 inches away from appliance and aim to do two to three light coats versus one heavy coat
  3. Set the Paint and allow it to cure to the appliance. Let the paint sit for about 4 hours before lighting your first fire and allowing the heat to cure the paint to the appliance.

These are just the basic steps. It is advised to read your high temperature paint user guide prior to performing any of the steps above.

Where can I go to learn more about Fire Safety and other Fireplace and Wood Stove projects?

Northline Express has created a Resource Center that is full of helpful articles on a variety of fire-related projects and also includes how-to articles to help navigate the installation and product selection processes. Here are a few articles to check out: