High Temp Stove Paint FAQs

Before applying painting a wood stove high temperature paint to your wood stove, fireplace, fireplace insert or other high temperature appliance be sure you do a little bit of research first. Painting and touching up the paint on your wood stove or fireplace does require a little bit of technique, knowledge and know how. The answers in our high temp stove paint FAQ page will help you gain the knowledge you need to get the best results with high temperature paint applications. Get high temp paint application tips, learn how to prep a wood stove or fireplace for painting and more.

High Temp Stove Paint Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to High Temp Paint Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I paint my glossy kitchen stove with high temp paint?

  • Answer: No. High temp stove paint is specifically formulated to maintain its color at high temperatures. High temp paint is not a glossy paint it is a flat paint. The glossy finish of porcelain cannot be duplicated in a paint that is subject to high heat. High temp stove paint is also not approved for incidental food contact.

Question: Can I paint my built-in kitchen oven with my high temp paint?

  • Answer: It is not recommended. High temp stove paint is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures on wood stoves, steam pipes, fireplaces, boilers and other high temperature appliances.

Question: Should I use aerosol or brush-on high temp paint when repainting my stove or fireplace?

  • Answer: We recommend aerosol high temp paint. When used correctly, it will provide excellent coverage and a fine cured finish. To get the best result, shake the high temp paint can for 2 minutes and hold it 12-18 inches away from the appliance. Instead of applying one heavy coat of paint, apply two light coats of high temp paint. Wait 15 minutes after applying the first coat before applying the second coat.

Question: Can I buy a gallon of high temp paint to use in my own spray equipment?

  • Answer: No. We do not sell high temp paint in bulk. This is because EPA regulations on the application of bulk solvent-based high temperature paints are very strict and specialized equipment is required to effectively apply high temp paint. We do however carry a couple of different black high temp paint options (brush on) in pints.

Question: Should I be concerned about the health risk of using aerosol high temp stove paint?

  • Answer: To minimize health risk, be sure to follow the application instructions on the high temp stove paint can. Intentional misuse of the high temp paint obviously increases health risk.

Question: Is smoke and odor normal during the curing after I apply my high temp paint?

  • Answer: Yes. During the curing process when you are preparing your appliance to be painted, the chemical nature of the paint changes. The heat from the wood stove or fireplace will cause the chemicals to burn off which sometimes results in visible smoke and an unpleasant odor. After the burn-off is complete, the smoke or odor will go away. This process includes the 60 minutes medium temperature burn time and the 45 minutes high temperature burn time. Until the second stage or 45 minutes high temp burn time is finished, the curing process will remain incomplete and may be a smoky annoyance at a later time so be sure to set the paint cure completely.

Question: Can I order a custom high temp color?

  • Answer: No. Each high temp stove paint color is created from organic pigments through an exacting process by the manufacturer's chemist. Small quantities of high-temp paint colors cannot be

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