How to Combat West Nile Virus

Jun 16th 2020

How to Combat West Nile Virus

When dealing with West Nile Virus, prevention is your best defense. In this article, we'll discuss multiple precautionary measures that you can take at home to reduce your risk of contracting the West Nile Virus.

Step 1 - Seek out and eliminate breeding sources

Water sources are a vital element to the life cycle of a mosquito. Female mosquitoes need water to breed and mosquito larvae need a water source to complete their life cycle. What this means is that any water source on your property whether it be an empty wheel barrow or flowerpot or a wading pool or pond, creates an ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed.

  • Unclog roof gutters
  • Empty unused swimming pools
  • Change water in birdbaths at least weekly
  • Flip wheel barrows and other empty containers upside down
  • Remove old tires or any unused containers that might hold water and serve as a breeding place for mosquitoes

For ponds, bird baths and other water sources that cannot not be completely emptied, you'll want to use a mosquito larvacide to kill mosquito larvae before they have the chance to mature into adult biting insects. The following mosquito larvacides can be used to kill mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes in standing water:

mosquito larvacide Mosquito Barrier
mosquito barrier
Mosquito Bits
mosquito bits
Mosquito Dunks
mosquito Dunks
Length of Protection 1 Month 2 Weeks 30+ Days
Controls Mosquito Larvae Yes Yes Yes
Controls Adult Mosquitoes Yes Yes Yes
Area of Coverage 1.25 Acres 8oz. - 2,178 Sq Ft 1 Dunk - 100 Sq Ft of Water
Equipment Needed for Application Yes No No
Safe for Pets Yes Yes Yes
Price Range $20-$68 $15-$18 $12-$19

Step 2 - Lure mosquitoes out of your outdoor area using a mosquito trap

Using a mosquito trap to lure mosquitoes away from your outdoor area is another effective step that will protect you and your loved ones against the West Nile Virus. If mosquitoes are killed before they enter your living quarters, they can't bite you. Mosquito traps are designed to trick mosquitoes into thinking they are a living, breathing host by mimicking natural body odors like human sweat and breath.

  • 24 Hour protection
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Immediate and long term relief
  • Start killing mosquitoes right away
  • Break the breeding cycle after 4 weeks

Mosquito traps provide the most effective protection against West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses when they are operated 24/7 and placed away from high traffic areas where they can operate without being disturbed by people and pets. Displayed below are our top 3 mosquito traps. These traps have been proven effective and are top picks among our customers.

mosquito larvacide SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Trap
SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap
Mosquito Magnet Executive
Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Trap
Area of Coverage 1.5 Acres 1 Acre
Attractants CO2, Octenol, Lurex, Sticky Trap, LED Lights CO2, Octenol, Lurex
Power Method Cordless - Self-Powered Cordless - Rechargeable Battery
Catch Method Sticky Trap, Vacuum Fan, Wave Drawer Vacuum Fan, Self-Contained Bug Bag
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
Price Range $564.95 $749-$751

Step 3 - Repel mosquitoes away with a mosquito mister

Setting up a Mosquito Mister in your yard will repel mosquitoes away from your outdoor living area. Mosquito misting systems offer long-lasting protection against West Nile Virus by creating an invisible barrier between you and mosquitoes. They use a variety of concentrates as mists that repel and kill mosquitoes that have entered your living quarters on contact.

  • Covers up to 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Reduces Mosquitoes by over 90%
  • Kills and repels mosquitoes on contact
  • No bug bags or mosquito carcasses to dispose of

Depending on which concentrate you use with your Mosquito Mister, you'll get from 2 to 6 hours of protection against West Nile Virus and other mosquito transmitted diseases. Mosquito Mister concentrates are available in all-natural, botanical and synergized formulas.

AllClear Mosquito Mister Concentrates

mosquito larvacide Mister Concentrate
AllClear Mosquito Mister Concentrate AllClear Naturals Mosquito Mister Concentrate - 100% Natural mosquito control, DEET-free, plant-based concentrate with patented Geraniol, an extract from lemongrass plant. Offers up to 2 hours of protection.
AllClear Mosquito Mister Concentrate Botanical Mosquito Mister Pyrethrum Concentrate - Contains pyrethrins, derived from dried Chrysanthemum flowers. Offers 4 hours of protection.
AllClear Mosquito Mister Concentrate AllClear Synergized PLUS Mister Concentrate - Contains Permethrin,insecticide based on natural Pyrethrins. Offers up to 6 hours of protection.
AllClear Mosquito Mister Lantern Refill Natural plant-based insect repellent. Repels 95% of mosquitoes and other small biting flies within an area of up to 300 square feet. Each refill provides up to 10 hours of protection from biting insects.

Step 4 - Use Personal Mosquito Repellents During Outdoor Activities

Even if you've eliminated breeding grounds, set up a mosquito trap and sprayed your lawn with a mosquito repellent, the chances of a few resilient mosquitoes getting through to your outdoor area are still pretty high. To protect yourself even further against West Nile Virus, use a personal mosquito repellent.

  • On the go protection
  • Protects mosquitoes for hours
  • All-natural, non-toxic ingredients
  • Handheld, clipable and spray on options
  • Perfect for protection during outdoor activities

Personal mosquito repellents are available in a variety of different styles with various application methods that will protect you and your family against West Nile Virus while you enjoy the outdoors. Choose from spray on applications and hands free options that are great for providing non-stop protection during outdoor activities.

Personal Mosquito Repellent Liquid Net Repellant
Liquid Net Mosquito Repellant
Terminix SideKick
Terminix SideKick
Active Ingredients Citronella oil, cedarwood oil, lemon-grass oil, geranoil, sodium lauryl sulfate, peppermint oil, eugenol Lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint, and geranium oils
Area of Coverage Head to toe Head to toe
Length of Protection 1-2 Hours Up to 18 hours
Power Method NA Fan-based diffusion technology
Price Range $4-$8 $10-$12

We hope this article has given you the information and tools you need to protect you and your family members against West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases. By following the advice and mosquito control tips we've suggested, you'll make your outdoor area a more safe and comfortable place to be.For more information on how to control the mosquito population on your property, check out our exclusive 4 Step Process to Ultimate Mosquito Control.