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Fireplace Glass Installation

Jun 9th 2020

Fireplace Glass Installation

Installing fireplace glass is easy. These instructions are assuming you already have a gas line going to your fireplace. If you do not have a gas line running to your fireplace call your local plumber or heating and cooling company to get one installed.

Step 1: Lay a drop cloth on the floor and clean the walls of your fireplace. A wire brush may be used if needed to remove any soot build up from the firebrick. Wipe the surfaces clean with a dry cloth to remove any dust. Be careful of soot, it can and will ruin carpeting, wall paper, paint, clothes, furniture, and anything else it comes into contact with. If you are painting the inside of the fireplace (this makes for a very nice finish) mask off the areas you don't want any paint on with tape. Spray your paint and remove the masking once dry.

Step 2: Connect the burner to your gas line with a flexible connector. The holes in the burner should be facing up. Light the burner to check that you have the flame pattern in the center of the fireplace and that the flames are going up. If not properly placed you may get flames lapping on the back fireplace wall or being pulled back due to the draft. This will cause soot to build up and will not look good. Now you have found the general location for the burner.

Step 3: Note: skip this step if you are using the 3" fill method: Starting about 3"-4" back from the front of the fireplace pour in about a 2" bed of crushed lava rock. Pull the burner to the top and light it again to insure the pattern has not changed. Now cover the holes in the burner with tape to keep sand from getting into the burner. Spread sand over the burner and lava rock until there is a semi flat even surface (the top of the burner should barely stick up above the sand). Brush off the burner, remove the tape, and light it again checking for the flame pattern once more. If you are satisfied with the look you can move onto the next step, if you are not you may try readjusting the placement of the burner.

Step 4: Now you're ready to add the glass. Start from the front and move towards the back. You will end up with about a 3" layer of glass (with no lava rock or sand under it) in the front of the fireplace and about a 1" layer of glass (with lava rock and sand under it) in the back. By tapering the front slightly you will help keep the glass in the fireplace. We recommend you add the glass slowly as it looks better if you take your time. We also have found that if you do this at nighttime it makes more sense as you can see the actual effects of the fire and the toppings. This completes the installation of your fireplace glass.

Fire Pit Installation: For a fire pit installation you can follow the same basic steps as in the 2" method fireplace installation above. The only real difference is the amount of, and type of filler you use to fill the majority of your fire pit. If your fire pit is very large and originally built for wood burning you will want to use something like pea gravel or whatever is cheapest in your area as a "filler". Just make sure that you use something that is not combustible and will not break down over time or your glass will sink into the fire pit. We normally recommend using lava rock or pea gravel.

Fireplace glass
Fireplace Glass

Fireplace glass is a modern and contemporary alternative to wood burning fireplaces and gas log fireplaces. Fireplace glass creates a mesmerizing fire that can be enjoyed in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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