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Never again question whether your fire is at a safe and efficient temperature. By simply placing this Inferno Stove Top Meter on your woodstove you will always know if you are overheating or under-firing your stove.

  • For use on metal woodstove
  • Helps Maintain Efficiency
  • Made in the USA

Product Details

This high-temperature thermometer is designed to use on the surface of your metal woodstove. It may be placed on the top, front, or side surface. Magnet will hold steel at temperatures up to 800° Fahrenheit.

For most woodstoves ideal operating efficiency is between 400 - 650 degrees, the "middle zone" indicated by the pointer.

Temperature below 400° indicates a smoky, dirty fire that causes creosote in your chimney and a safety hazard.

Above 650° you waste wood and possibly cause damage to your woodstove due to excess heat. Over firing a metal woodstove consumes wood without generating additional room heat, because excess energy is lost up the stovepipe.

If you're painted woodstove is new, to void marking the paint, do not use thermometer until the stove paint has cured completely. One hot fire in a new stove will typically cure paint.

Additional Information

  • Construction Material: Premium Quality Porcelain Enamel
  • Prevents overheating and wasting wood
  • Avoids under firing and a dirty chimney
  • Ideal Operating Efficiency is betweek 400 - 650 Degrees.
  • Made in the USA
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