KidCo Foam Edge Protectors (Black)

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KidCo Foam Edge Protectors (Black)

Sharp corners have always been a problem for little kids running around. KidCo Foam Corner Protector covers are stylish little corner protectors that cover these edges that could cause a potential injury to your baby or toddler. Designed to fit most standard table corners, they are functional and easy to use. They are adhesive, mountable and stays in place. KidCo SecureStick Foam Corner Protector is simple to attach and provides soft, cushiony protection for hard, sharp edges, so you don’t need to worry about little ones running around anymore!

  • Soft, Cushiony Protection From Hard Corners and Edges
  • Pack of Four
  • Color: Black

As your little one grows and begins to explore their world you call home, keeping them safe is your priority; it’s our priority too! Our line of home safety products will cover all your home safety needs. From outlet covers to cabinet and drawer locks KidCo is your one stop shop for keeping your little one safe. We offer a variety of products to meet the needs of today’s households.

Are corner protectors necessary?

In most cases, house furnishings are the culprit for the injuries sustained by your toddler. It is highly recommended to use corner protectors on any home furniture with sharp edges or any other furnishings that you feel could cause a potential injury to ensure it’s risk-free. Babies and toddlers are curious creatures. They love to explore, run around, and touch everything. If you have a baby or toddler in the house, then you know what it’s like to be on constant guard duty. You need to always watch your little ones so that they don’t get into any trouble, especially when they’re near sharp corners! An exposed and sharp corner can potentially cause severe head injuries,

KidCo's Commitment to Quality

For almost 20 years, KidCo has brought top-quality, award-winning products to the juvenile products market. And the product that started it all? Safety gates. These were the first metal gates introduced to the US market.

Our designers and engineers are well versed in world-wide safety standards, applying only those most stringent to KidCo baby gates (thereby meeting and exceeding voluntary U.S. standards). We seek out top quality raw materials like virgin steel, re-enforced resin and certified non-toxic paint to offer a finished product that provides long life. We have on-site factory inspections, making sure that all products are being manufactured in a safe environment. All this culminating into a product you can trust and depend on for years to come.

But KidCo’s commitment to quality doesn’t only apply to our safety gates. All our products have the same dedication to excellence.

Our home safety products are designed to offer physical properties and unique features not seen on our competitor’s: glass reinforced resin, on/off features, and protective electrical barriers and adhesive mount applications, just to name a few.

As the juvenile products market grows and more products find their way into our everyday lives, you can be assured that KidCo has researched, designed, engineered, and sourced products that will live up to your highest expectations. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any KidCo product, we will either repair it or replace it for you. We are that confident!

  • Black
  • Soft, Cushiony Protection From Hard Corners and Edges
  • 10 Feet
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9.00 (in)
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