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Does your child's bed need a headboard? Need? Maybe not, but a headboard would be a positive addition no doubt. Create a warm, cozy aesthetic, protect your walls, and add bed stability with a new headboard for your child today!!

For centuries, homeowners and their families have used headboards on their beds for more than just aesthetic purposes. Headboards design intention actually has nothing to do with looks. Early homes weren't insulated well which would lead to drafts and chilly sleeping conditions, so headboards came about to help create a barrier between the homeowner's head and the drafty wall. Modern homes don't really have this problem, however, a headboard still to this day creates a warm, cozy feeling in the bedroom.

A headboard on a kid's bed is a great idea. Not only will it add to the décor of the child's room making it cozier and more relaxing, but it will act as a protective barrier for your wall as well, protecting your wall from dirty hands and rough housing that could potential stain or scuff them.

Adding a headboard is a simple way to help customize your child's room. Most are crafted to be fairly thin and lightweight making them easy to switch out or move around when needed. There are so many options in headboard designs, find one to match your child's personality and needs today only at NorthlineExpress!

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