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Choose a platform bed for your kids' rooms and rest easy knowing they are getting the best sleep possible. Enjoy the simple contemporary look and exceptional craftsmanship of a platform bed, one of your most durable and functional choices in kids' beds today!

When shopping for beds for your kids' rooms, consider platform beds. They have the look and feel of a larger standard bed without being overly fussy. They maintain a lower profile as they tend to sit lower to the ground, at around 6" on average, making them perfect for shorter legs. Platform beds consist of a large, sturdy base that supports all mattress types and eliminates the need for box springs or separate mattress foundations, keeping with the simple nature of the design.
Plus, consider the added bonus of not having to spend extra money on a box spring. The absence of a box spring also decreases the area for allergens to live and incubate by half. In addition to that the design of the bed itself is engineered for exceptional air circulation for your mattress. Proper air circulation is not only important to keep molds and allergens at bay, but it will also extend the life of your mattress, and more importantly keep your sleeping temperatures a little cooler.
Take it to the next level, and check out a design boasting built-in storage features, like drawers or headboards with shelves. Platform beds in a child's room can make the most of valuable space, replacing clutter from under the bed with organized, easily accessible storage for anything from toys to clothing.
We're sure we can help you find just what you are looking for, shop top-quality platform beds today!

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