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Wood Stoves Buyer's Guide

Oct 21st 2020

Before you begin browsing through hundreds of wood stoves on the internet, or making a mad dash to your local wood stove manufacturer; you will need to do a little research at home. Do your homework a … read more

What Size of Stove Pipe do I need?

Sep 24th 2020

Q. What size stove pipe should I install in my wood stove? A. To get that answer, all you need to do is look at your wood stove and measure the inside diameter of the flue collar on the wo … read more

Stove Pipe Increasers and Reducers

Sep 24th 2020

We always recommend using the same sized Stove Pipe and Chimney Pipe for your entire install. Never use a Stove Pipe Reducer unless your appliance's manual recommends it. What happens if my chimney … read more

Single Wall vs Double Wall Stove Pipe

Sep 24th 2020

Whether you are putting in a brand new pipe install or replacing a existing one, you probably have questions on which type stove pipe is the best. While there are many brands out there available for y … read more