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Why Should I Install a Chimney Liner

Jun 19th 2020

When installing a fireplace insert in your existing fireplace it is now required that you install a chimney liner system to vent the appliance. In addition to your installation being compliant wi … read more

Canopy Tent Size Guide

Jun 19th 2020

There are a variety of factors to consider when you are determining the size of the canopy that you are going to need. The most important consideration is going to be the space that you have avail … read more

Guide to Curing Firewood

Jun 19th 2020

When your firewood is properly cured, or seasoned, it will burn cleaner and hotter than unseasoned or green firewood. Burning unseasoned firewood will give off less heat because it has to "boil off" t … read more

Choosing a Canopy Tent

Jun 19th 2020

Whether you are planning a BBQ, entertaining, camping, or displaying products at a craft show a canopy offers shelter from the scorching sun and the weather as well. In addition to providing sh … read more