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Chimney Pipe

Stove Pipe Increasers and Reducers

Sep 24th 2020

We always recommend using the same sized Stove Pipe and Chimney Pipe for your entire install. Never use a Stove Pipe Reducer unless your appliance's manual recommends it. What happens if my chimney … read more

Chimney Pipe Learning Center

Jun 22nd 2020

Your Source for Educational and Technical Chimney Pipe Resources At NorthlineExpress we know that trying to figure out your chimney system, or even what type of chimney system that you need, can pr … read more

Clean and Preserve your Roof

Jun 17th 2020

Why You Should Clean Your Roof All roofs are prone to moss and algae accumulation whether they are constructed of wood, clay, metal, asphalt, concrete tiles or any other roofi … read more

Duravent Warranty

Jun 16th 2020

DuraVent Warranty Requirements   1. To be covered under the limited lifetime warranty your DuraVent Chimney Liner must be installed … read more