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Canopy Tent Size Guide

Jun 19th 2020

There are a variety of factors to consider when you are determining the size of the canopy that you are going to need. The most important consideration is going to be the space that you have avail … read more

Choosing a Canopy Tent

Jun 19th 2020

Whether you are planning a BBQ, entertaining, camping, or displaying products at a craft show a canopy offers shelter from the scorching sun and the weather as well. In addition to providing sh … read more

Heavy-duty Vs. Light Weight Canopy Tents

Jun 18th 2020

No matter the weather, canopies are a great idea for all sorts of outdoor gatherings to protect guests, equipment, and other belongings from the elements. Canopies can be broken into two categories ba … read more

Choosing the Right Canopy Tent Frame

Jun 17th 2020

When selecting a canopy frame you should consider the frame's weight, durability and leg angle. Start first by deciding whether you want a straight leg or slanted leg. It may appear that this is rea … read more

Choosing a Canopy Cover Material

Jun 17th 2020

As much as it may seem like it, choosing your canopy cover material is not a one-fits-all scenario. You need to consider things like durability, water resistance, UV protection and fire resistance … read more