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Guide to Curing Firewood

Jun 19th 2020

When your firewood is properly cured, or seasoned, it will burn cleaner and hotter than unseasoned or green firewood. Burning unseasoned firewood will give off less heat because it has to "boil off" t … read more

Heat Values of Different Types of Firewood

Jun 18th 2020

In considering heating with wood, several factors should be kept in mind in the purchase or selection, preparation, and use of firewood. Wood is generally characterized in two categories either s … read more

How to Cure Firewood

Jun 18th 2020

The most important attribute of firewood is its moisture content. Using firewood with high moisture content will produce a smoky fire with a weak heat output but more importantly, as a result of a low … read more

How to Select and Store Firewood

Jun 18th 2020

Selecting Your Firewood: The idea behind producing good firewood begins before you even make your first cut. Begin by finding a type of wood in your area that is plentiful. Many people think … read more