Lifetime Chimney Warranty

Jun 16th 2020

Lifetime Chimney Warranty

Lifetime Chimney Warranty
Lifetime Chimney Warranty Requirements
1. To be covered under the Lifetime Warranty your Lifetime Chimney Liner must be installed by a certified solid fuel installer, in accordance to the written instructions provided with your liner. Any deviations or improper installations will void the warranty.
2. Annual inspections, maintenance and cleaning must begin one year after the date of the installation and continue once every twelve months thereafter by a certified chimney sweep or a qualified solid fuel professional.
3. The chimney must have a Lifetime Chimney Supply chimney cap.
4. Corrosive chemical chimney cleaners must not be used and their use will void the warranty.

5. Driftwood or wood pellets containing salt, treated lumber, plastics, the chimney sweeping log or trash must not be burned and doing so will void the warranty.
6. The maintenance record must be up-to-date.
7. Never use a metal chimney cleaning brush. We strongly recommend the use of a plastic bristle chimney cleaning brush as metal brushes can damage the liner and will void the warranty.
8. In case of a chimney fire the liner must be inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep or a qualified solid fuel professional before reuse. If you should need to make a claim under the conditions of this warranty, you must contact the original installer who will provide Lifetime Chimney Supply, LLC. with information about your claim. Should a factory inspection of the defective parts in question be required by Lifetime Chimney Supply, Lifetime Chimney Supply will pay the shipping cost for the return of the defective parts in question. If Lifetime Chimney Supply deems the parts to be defective, Lifetime Chimney Supply will replace the parts at no cost to the original purchaser and said replacement will be Lifetime Chimney Supply’s exclusive and final remedy under this warranty.
9. For Northline Express's 5 Year Home Owner Installed Warranty all aforementioned requirements must be met with the exception of professional original installation. Within 5 years of the purchase date ONLY.

Download the Lifetime Chimney Supply Warranty Here

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Lifetime Chimney Liner

Lifetime Chimney Liner, better known as the DIY Chimney Liner comes in single wall or smooth wall liner sections. Lifetime Chimney is backed by a LIFETIME warranty when installed by a certified solid fuel professional. These products are known to last throughout the lifetime of its original installation. Lifetime Chimney will still warranty their liner in the event you sell your home, or ownership changes. So even generations to come will be covered by this warranty. Once your chimney is installed be sure to do yearly maintenance, and keep a record of all cleanings as your warranty coverage depends on it.

All Lifetime Chimney Liners and products are made right here in the USA with pride and lasting workmanship.

Lifetime Chimney liner is Northline Express's preferred liner of choice. Why do you ask? Because Lifetime Chimney has one of the best warranties in the industry without a bunch of fine print or loop holes. Their chimney liners are UL Listed with 316L grade stainless steel built to withstand the severe constant conditions within your masonry chimney. Lifetime Chimney Systems are a low cost, affordable, and dependable approach to chimney liner installations.

• Single Wall Liner Kits

Single Wall Liner Kits are economical, strong, flexible, and fully covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Available in round or oval, and UL Listed to 1777 zero clearance standards. Made of Stainless Steel meant to last and withstand even the harshest chimney environments.

• Smooth Wall Liner Kits

Smooth Wall Liner Kits are double wall liners that are built for super strength and long-lasting durability. The smooth inner wall delivers up to 20% greater draft over equal sized corrugated pipe. Smooth Wall Liners are available in round or oval sections, and UL Listed to 1777 zero clearance standards. Made of Stainless Steel your longevity over galvanized liners is by far superior and meant to last a lifetime.

Are you a Do-it-yourself homeowner, who would rather install your liner on your own than paying for installation? Well this liner is also for you! Northline Express stands behind our Lifetime Chimney Liners 100%; enough to back our do-it-yourself homeowners by a 5-year warranty if you install this liner yourself. Simply follow the installation instructions as recommended, keep a detailed yearly maintenance record, and contact us if your liner becomes damaged or fails to operate properly. We will replace your liner within the first 5 years.

This product line is meant to last, and they do so we are confident the warranty will never have to be utilized for the life of the chimney.

Unlike other brands that have many requirements to utilize their warranty in the event it is needed Lifetime is far superior in keeping the fine print out of the purchase. No other manufacturer can beat it! Purchase your Lifetime Chimney Liner with confidence and ease. Our customer service department is available to discuss any questions about our #1 Rated Liner at any time.

**Always consult your appliance manual, as well as your local building codes office to insure proper installation of any fuel burning appliance. All installations must be done in accordance with written instructions and local building and zoning laws.

Lifetime Chimney Liner


Lifetime chimney liners are specifically engineered with high quality 316L grade stainless steel to withstand the severe constant conditions present within your masonry chimney. Lifetime Chimney Systems are offered at the lowest possible prices.

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