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Attract and lure mosquitoes to your Mega Catch Mosquito Trap by using octenol lure during operation. By using this octenol lure with your mosquito trap you'll be able to effectively kill mosquitoes and have a better chance at gaining and maintaining mosquito control over your property. Use this octenol lure with all Mega catch Mosquito Trap models for best mosquito trap results.

  • 2 Octenol Lure per Pack
  • Lasts approximately 30 days
  • Designed for all Mega Catch Mosquito Traps

Product Details

Octenol is a chemical that attracts biting insects such as mosquitoes. It is contained in human breath and sweat and when used in mosquito traps, mosquitoes are tricked into thinking the trap is a living host which is why mosquito traps are so effective at attracting and killing mosquitoes.

Most mosquitoes are attracted to small quantities of octenol with the exception of the Asian Tiger Mosquito, an aggressive day biter. Mega Catch Ultra and Premier Mega Catch Mosquito Traps come with one octenol lure to improve capture rates and maintain mosquito control. Mega Catch Octenol Fragrance Strips should be effective for up to 30 days depending on weather conditions.

Additional Information

  • 2 Octenol Lure per Pack
  • Designed for all Mega Catch Mosquito Traps
  • Lasts approximately 30 days
Brands Mega-Catch
Model MC-PU224
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