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Mega-Catch Mosquito Trap Placement

Jun 16th 2020

Mega-Catch Mosquito Trap Placement

Follow this Mega-Catch placement guide to achieve high catch rates and overall mosquito control success with your Mega Catch mosquito trap. Trap placement is one of the most crucial variables to consider when using a mosquito trap to kill mosquitoes on your property. Even the best mosquito traps on the market will be unsuccessful at killing mosquitoes and continually serving its purpose if it is placed in the wrong spot on your property.

Although no two yards may be exactly alike and some of these guidelines may not apply to you, following as many of the mosquito trap placement guidelines as possible is the key to being successful at getting rid of mosquitoes.

Mega-Catch Ultra

Step 1. Locate primary mosquito breeding area

Before deciding where to place your mosquito trap, locate the mosquito's primary breeding area on you property. While looking for breeding areas, remember that mosquitoes breed in wet areas like streams, marshland, wooded areas and gardens. Your Mega-Catch will be most effective at killing mosquitoes in these areas.

Step 2. Place your Mega-Catch mosquito trap upwind from breeding areas

Place your Mega-Catch mosquito trap upwind from the primary mosquito breeding area so that the Octenol and optional CO2 release system will effectively lure mosquitoes to the trap. Female mosquitoes fly upwind when trying to locate a human or animal host and after they feed and are full of blood their weight is doubled. After feeding, the mosquito will travel back downwind to their resting area.


Step 3. Avoid high traffic areas

Place your Mega-Catch mosquito trap 30-40 feet away from outdoor living areas so that mosquitoes and other biting insects will be drawn to the mosquito trap and not you, this way you can avoid getting itchy mosquito bites. Your Mega Catch should be placed as close to the breeding area as possible and away from areas that are frequented by humans and animals.

Step 4. Avoid trap obstructions

When setting up your Mega Catch mosquito trap, be sure you are not burying it in tall grass, thick weeds, or mounds of bushes. While slightly wooded areas are generally where mosquito breed and rest, you'll defeat the whole purpose of your trap if the flow of Octenol, Lurex, CO2 or any other type of attractant is interrupted by obstructions surrounding your trap.

Step 5. Place your Mega-Catch mosquito trap in the shade

Most mosquitoes don't like the heat of the direct sun. As the sun rises and sets, mosquitoes come out of their resting places. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are the exception in the mosquito species and will feed during the day even in direct sunlight however, traps will still effectively kill them as they also like to rest in the shade.

Following this Mega-Catch placement and optimization guide will teach you how to kill mosquitoes in the most effective way possible with your mosquito trap. Trap placement will not only increase your catch rate on your Mega Catch, it will also allow you to get the most out of your Mega Catch mosquito trap and its components throughout all of your mosquito control efforts.