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Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier Mosquito Traps are a highly effective way to reduce the mosquito problem in your backyard. Eliminate annoying biting insects with ease by placing this sophisticated infrared energy source in your yard, to draw in a wide range of mosquito species.

Product Details

Scientific research has shown that mosquitoes find their prey using a combination of sensory signals including light, shape, color, heat, vibration, sweat and other by-products of human activity. Mega Catch has exploited these sensory signals by using sophisticated electronic components and advanced design features to produce one of the world's most advanced mosquito traps. PRO 900 series Premier mosquito traps are ideal for use in small to medium sized yards and can attract mosquitoes and other common biting insects from as far away as 100 feet.

The Mega Catch Premier Mosquito Trap has been designed for outdoor use only. The trap can be programmed to start and stop according to peak mosquito activity in your area. Featuring an electronically controlled diode lighting system, the trap produces intermittent light at oscillating frequencies selected to coincide with spectral sensitivity peaks for many mosquito species.

Mosquitoes attracted to the Premier by visual and other cues seek to land on and probe specially designed surfaces on the trap where they are collected in the Catch Bag or Liquid Catch Container. When the trap is operated using the Liquid Catch Container, the air plume emanating from the bottom of the trap is humidity enriched. Smaller insects (eg: no-see-ums) are best caught using the Liquid Catch Container because the mesh size on the standard Catch Bag may be too large to capture them. The Catch Bag system requires less frequent attention and therefore may be your preferred mosquito catching system.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x MCP-900 Mega-Catch PREMIER Mosquito Trap
  • 1 x Liquid Catch Container
  • 1 x Standard Mesh Catch Bag
  • 1 x External Skirt
  • 1 x 100-240/12 Volt Weatherproof Power Supply
  • 1 x 30 foot Low-Voltage Extension Cord
  • 1 x Stand (powder coated)
  • 1 x Operation Manual

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 15" Long x 13" Deep x 22" High
  • Coverage Area: .75 Acre
  • High speed fan to maximize capture rates
  • Octenol lure - lasts approximately 30 days - not included
  • 60' extension cord
  • 2 catch options (catch bag or liquid catch container)
  • 12-Volt operation
  • Durable all weather casing
Additional Information

  Owner's Manual

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