Mega Catch Ultra/Premier Standard U.V. Bulb - MC-PU2

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Mosquito traps that utilize U.V. lights create a visual stimuli that attracts mosquitoes from long distances and lures them to the trap for increased catch rates. Keep the U.V. light replaced in your Mega Catch Mosquito Trap to kill mosquitoes and gain mosquito over your property once and for all.

  • Designed for the Mega Catch Ultra and Premier Mosquito Traps

Product Details

Within 30 feet, mosquitoes are extremely sensitive to movement. They can detect movememt by changes in light surrounding objects so mosquito traps that use light to attract mosquitoes tend to be very effective. This replacement U.V. bulb is for use with Mega catch Ultra and Mega-Catch Premier Mosquito Traps.

Installing the U.V. light is simple, remove the old bulb from your mosquito trap by twisting the tube gently. Then slide the new bulb into the connector ends and twist the tube gently until it firmly into position. For best mosquito trap results use the this U.V. light inyour mosquito trap to kill mosqiutoes and maintin mosquito control over your property.

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  • Designed for the Mega Catch Ultra and Premier Mosquito Traps
Brands Mega-Catch
Model MC-PU2
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