Mobile Home Approved Stoves

Adding a Mobile or Manufactured Home Approved Stove

We carry a large line of approved mobile home wood stoves. Our friendly staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have about these wonderful products. Call, email, or instant chat with an expert today! Living in a mobile home is no reason not to have a great wood stove, and you can be enjoying this great feature in minutes. Installation is easier than you might think, and we offer huge discounts every day and free shipping to help you keep money in your pocket. We can help you start enjoying a perfect mobile home wood stove today!

What makes a wood stove mobile home approved? 84 Hud Requirements

Before a woodstove may be installed in a mobile home, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that specific regulations be satisfied. First, the stove model must have been tested by a HUD-approved laboratory and listed for use in mobile homes. A metal tag permanently fastened to the rear of the appliance indicates the name of the testing facility and the stove's compliance with HUD Standard UM-84. Second, a tested and listed prefabricated chimney system—connected directly to the stove and installed properly—must be used. Third, a hard ducting system for bringing outside combustion air directly to the stove's air inlet is required. And finally, some means of securing the stove to the floor of the home is called for. In addition to the HUD requirements, some basic clearance and installation guidelines, provided by the stove manufacturer and based on testing to Underwriters' Laboratory Standard 1482, should be adhered to. We can help you get everything you need to make the process easy, so let us help you get the perfect mobile home wood stove for you today!

How to install or put in a wood burning stove?

The first step in installing a mobile or manufactured home wood burning stove is to select a knowledgeable and experienced installer, or to become completely familiar with the installation instructions and the local regulations applicable to your installation. If there are any aspects of the installation that you are not sure about, make sure that you research them and get any questions you have answered before proceeding to setup your wood stove. Of course, our friendly staff of experts are available to help you find out what you need to know.

The next step in the process is to select the location for your wood burning stove in your home. You should consider both the aesthetics of the stove placement (the warm glow and ambiance, the crackling of the firewood, the smell of the wood burning fire) as well as the suitability of the location for your heating goals. Of critical importance is the clearance between the stove and any combustible material such as drapes and doors and the protection of the floor and walls adjacent to the stove. Pay attention to all of the applicable regulations and any stove manufacturer's recommendations. Learn more about pre-installation steps you can take in our article Pre-Purchase Inspection for Wood Stove and Chimney Pipe Installation.

In most cases an approved hearth pad and stove board(s) will be needed to create the necessary barriers between the heat of the stove and your home. See our selection of stove boards to protect your walls and floors during the wood burning season.

Next, is the installation of the chimney pipe. For safety and efficiency, you will want to install the chimney pipe in a vertical configuration up and through the roof. Mobile home installations will most likely require an Class A, dual wall chimney pipe.

Northline Express has all of chimney pipe and accessory kits you will need to complete the safe and secure installation of your wood stove chimney. We also have a Chimney Builder that will design and gather all of the components needed for your chimney! Want to read more? Check out our full instruction guide for Wood Stove Installation.