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Control Mosquitoes - Wage War

Jun 17th 2020

Control Mosquitoes - Wage War

We at are the perfect ally to assure you have the correct ammo to win the war on bugs.We have many different Hand-to-Hand Combat products that you can arm yourself to wage the war on mosquitoes.

Every spring mosquitoes move across the front-line and try to take over your territory. It is time to strike first before mosquitoes even know what hit them. Arm yourself with mosquito control weapons and launch a full blown assault. This year make sure you get them before they get you.

Introducing Sgt. Skeet- our resident expert when it comes to mosquito control. He has put together a step by step plan for taking back your yard.

Sgt. Skeet

Operation: Outdoor Fun

Here's how to enjoy the outdoors more this year without the pesky mosquitoes wrecking your day. Follow these steps to assure a successful strike...

Step 1

Step 1:Know Your Enemy- Before you can gear up for the fight, you have to know your enemy. With over 150 different types of mosquitoes out there you want to be sure that you are prepared.

To keep it simple we will focus on the two most predominant enemies, the Asian Tiger and the Northern House Mosquito. How can you be sure which one you have? The best way to determine which species you have is by paying attention to their feeding habits (basically when are you being attacked).The Northern House Mosquito is sneaky and will come out just before dawn or after dusk, while the Asian Tiger is known to be more brave and attack you in the daytime.

The Northern House Mosquito is attracted to a chemical called Octenol and the Asian Tiger Mosquito is attracted to a chemical called Lurex. Be sure to select the correct ammo to fight off the enemy.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Map

Step 2

Step 2: Bunker Busting - Time to get in the trenches and let them know you mean business. You've got to hit them early and hit them hard. The best way to do this is get rid of any standing water you can. An old tire in the yard is the perfect breeding ground for these troops. If you can't get rid of all the standing water you can at least kill the mosquito larvae before they mature into full blown soldiers.

To eliminate these breeding grounds you can use Mosquito Dunks for the freestanding water and Mosquito Bits for any soggy grass you may have. Each dunk will cover 100 sq. feet of water, while a tablespoon of bits will take care of 75 sq. feet.

Ponds, swamps, or any areas that are subject to flooding are your assignment. Arm yourself with Mosquito Dunks in one-hand and the Mosquito Bits in the other.
Now go get em soldier. . .Double Time!

Standing Water

Step 3

Step 3:Heavy Artillery - Start early in the campaign and hit em hard...don't let up...don't allow the enemy to re-group! Get them before they get to you! Eliminate the breeders.

Depending on your battlefield you will have to determine which unit will work best for you. Some units work for 1/4 of an acre while others will do up to 1 1/2 acres. Don't select your weapon by just coverage though. Each of these units are unique in their own way. Study each to find out which will be the best to protect your troops out there in the battlefield.

SkeeterVac SV3100

Step 4

Step 4:Chemical Warfare - has many different sprays for you to eradicate the enemy. Some are long lasting while others are designed for a quick fix. Decide if you're going to fight the battle or win the war.

It doesn't matter if you have a weekend party or 4 week tour of duty, we have just the right chemicals to decimate the population. From our all natural Mosquito Barrier to the Mosquito Repellent Injection System, wreck havoc on these blood suckers before they ruin your summer!

Sprayer used for Mosquito Barrier

Step 5

Step 5: Hand-to-Hand Combat - For the ones that get past the front lines we've got just the ticket to keep those pesky skeeters off ya. And while you're at it...try whacking a few right out of the air with our surface-to-air Hand-held Electric Bug Zapper!

Now that you have armed yourself for the war on bugs, you need to protect your troops!Some of the mosquito elite forces may make it past the frontlines and we got just the thing for them. Arm your troops with some patches, wrist bands, and while your at it, get some protection for Fido too. For the soldier that loves hand-to-hand combat, try our Hand-Held Mosquito Zapper. It just pure fun!

Step 6

Step 6: Mission accomplished! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer!

Follow all of the steps above to make sure your troops and battlefield are protected from the swarms of mosquitoes. Each product works good alone, but put them together and you can decimate the population.

Give the sarge a call anytime, if you need any help eradicating the enemy.

Mosquitoes under control!