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Mosquitoes have a tendency to turn a perfectly beautiful day into an itchy nightmare. Stop them BEFORE they hatch with Mosquito Dunks! EPA approved in all 50 states, it is not only highly effective, it is harmless to other wildlife.

Product Details

Used by professionals for more than a decade, Mosquito Briquettes have proven their value in destroying mosquitoes by killing the larvae before they mature into biting adult pests. Mosquito Briquettes, along with Dunks, are the only sustained-release B.T.I. mosquito larvicide's available. The floating Briquettes formulation releases effective levels of B.T.I. at the waters surface for a period of 30 days or more. Mosquito Briquettes remain in the water column where mosquito larvae feed to give you continuous kill.

Mosquito Briquettes release a constant, low dose of B.T.I. so early instars may survive temporarily. However, continuous ingestion of the active ingredient produces a chronic infection which kills the larvae so you will not observe pupae and the adult mosquitoes will not emerge. Made with natural B.T.I., Mosquito Briquettes represent a major breakthrough for people and the environment when compared with the traditional toxic chemical approach to mosquito control.

B.T.I. is a bacterium that controls mosquitoes and black flies in their larval filter feeding stage of development. The larvae die after consuming the bacteria that causes a disease specific to them but are harmless to all other forms of wildlife. Approved for Use in Canada.

Once a month float Briquettes in the Water Garden or anywhere water accumulates around your home. Each Briquette will effectively treat up to 100 square feet of surface water regardless of depth. Briquettes may be broken to treat small areas.

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Additional Information

  • EPA approved in all 50 states.
  • Unused and dried out Briquettes retain their potency indefinitely.
  • Mosquito Briquettes can be used in both permanent and temporary mosquito breeding habitats.
  • Alternate wetting and drying will not reduce their effectiveness.
  • Mosquito Briquettes can be applied as either a pre- or post-hatch treatment.
  • 1 Mosquito Briquette Treats 100 Sq. Feet of Water. Replace every 30 days.
  • Active Ingredient: Bacillus thuringiensis(7000 Aedes aegypti (AA) International Toxic Units (ITU) per milligram primary powder (Dry weight basis).....10%
Additional Information

MSDS Sheet

Mosquito Dunks are non-toxic to all organisms outside of the true fly family. It will not harm pets, humans, birds, fish, amphibians, or beneficial insects. If a dog was to eat the product, which has occurred in the past, it would not cause poisoning. The only adverse effects that could occur would be indigestion due to the fact that it is high in fiber, and would be similar to eating wood with calcium. The dog might vomit or have diarrhea, but that would be all.

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