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The Mosquito Magnet Executive offers non-stop protection from mosquito bites and mosquito diseases, lures mosquitoes away from your outdoor living space and wipes out mosquito populations by breaking the breeding cycle after as little as 4-6 weeks of operation.

  • 1 Acre coverage area
  • Free placement DVD
  • Cordless - Rechargeable battery pack

Product Details

The Mosquito Magnet Executive creates carbon dioxide by catalytically converting propane from a standard, readily available, 20-lb propane tank (not included). The Mosquito Magnet Executive uses Cordless "Smart" Technology, allowing it to be located near the mosquitoes breeding areas on your property, trapping the mosquitoes at their source before they get to you, no power cord needed. A remote battery charger provides convenience, no need to lug the unit around, or plug into an extension cord, to charge the battery. Mosquitoes are drawn away from you and to the Mosquito Magnet. By using the Mosquito Magnet continuously throughout the mosquito season, you will be able to capture both day-biting and night-biting mosquitoes, thereby drastically reducing the mosquito population in your yard.

The Mosquito Magnet mimics a large mammal by emitting a plume of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture, which when combined with an additional attractant, is irresistible to mosquitoes, no-see-ums, biting midges, black flies, and sand flies.

How it works:

The patented scientifically proven CounterFlow Technology, allows the Mosquito Magnet to emit carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture to attract biting insects, while simultaneously vacuuming the insects into a net where they dehydrate and die. The Mosquito Magnet operates 24 hours a day in order to capture day-biting, as well as night-biting, blood-seeking insects. The Mosquito Magnets utilize CounterFlow Technology to attract biting insects within a 1-acre range. With the Cold Temp Indicator, the trap will automatically start up and shut down when temperature reading is above or below 50 degrees. The Executive features an easy to read LCD screen with enhanced diagnostics to provide up to a 30 day propane usage. With 4 fuel saving modes the trap technology learns true day and night cycles. At the end of the cycle, the unit shuts off and cools down, stopping the fans.

This Mosquito Magnet unit includes the Quick Clear Adapter but the Quick Clear Cartridges are sold separately.

Product Note: Mosquito Magnet products can not be shipped outside of the United States.

Product Registration must be completed and mailed to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase.

The Mosquito Magnet Executive is Made in the USA

Additional Information

  • Up to 1 acre coverage
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • 24/7 Operation
  • 4 Fuel saving modes - up to 30 day propane usage
  • Learns night & day cycles
  • Cold temp indicator - auto start & stop
  • Remote battery charger
  • Child safe control
  • Simple, one-button start
  • Cordless 'Smart' Technology
  • Catalytic Technology for optimum CO2 creation
  • Powerful Fan - For vacuuming insects, and to expel the CO2 and Octenol scent.
  • Silent, odorless, 24 hour protection against mosquitoes, no-see-ums, midges, etc.
  • Includes: 1 - Executive unit, 1 - Bug bag, 1 - Octenol lure, 1 - Rechargeable battery, 1 - Remote charger, 1 - Quick clear adaptor, 1 - Instructional CD
  • Produced by Woodstream
  • Propane Tank Not Included.

The Mosquito Magnet Executive is Made in the USA

Additional Information

  Operation Manual

Brands Mosquito Magnet
Model MM3300
Made In USA
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