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Osburn 3500 EPA, A Large Fireplace Insert

If you're looking for a way to update your existing masonry fireplace with a unit that can provide heat, efficiency, and style then you should look no further than the Osburn 3500 EPA Wood burning stove insert. The unit has a BTU output of up to 110,000 BTUs and is designed to be installed within your existing masonry fireplace.

Osburn 3500 is the large wood stove fireplace insert that you've been looking for. The Osburn 3500 wood stove insert is the perfect combination of power, efficiency, and safety. The Osburn 3500 has amazing features and sober lines that give way to one of the largest glass surfaces in its category. This stylish wood-burning fireplace appliance will blend perfectly with the architecture of your home. It has a flawless design and is manufactured with the tried and true Canadian know-how. It is easy to see why the Osburn 3500 EPA Wood Burning Stove Insert is among the favorites of homeowners everywhere. No harsh winter can resist this magnificent wood-burning insert!

The Osburn is a large wood-burning stove that includes a blower

The Osburn 3500 wood stove insert comes with a powerful 144 CFM blower that helps the appliance produce up to 110,000 BTUs of heat. This appliance is powerful enough to heat a space between 1,000 and 2,700 square feet. Make sure to double-check clearances and installation requirements when designing your installation plan.

When compared to other models it is easy to see why the Osburn 3500 has so many great reviews

The Osburn 3500 wood-burning insert is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and has a 71 percent efficiency rating. It is recommended to use dry cordwood logs 16 inches in length in order for the unit to burn most efficiently, however when you need to reach the unit's maximum heating output the unit can accommodate a maximum log length of 22 inches. 

It is important to use properly dried and cured split firewood as your primary wood fuel. Dry cordwood with a moisture content between 15% and 20% will allow the insert to produce its highest possible efficiency. Good firewood has been cut to the correct length for the insert, split into a range of sizes and
stacked in an open area until its moisture content is down to 15% to 20%.

Firewood that is not dry enough to burn is the cause of most complaints about wood inserts. Continually burning green or unseasoned wood will cause issues with your fire and your wood stove system. When you burn green or unseasoned wood your fire will produce more creosote which is a harmful byproduct that can clog up your venting system and will make your fires burn dirtier which will require more frequent cleanings. Also burning wood with too high of a moisture content will cause performance issues including a lack of heat to be produced from your unit. This is why it is always a good idea to use proper dry cordwood in your unit. 

The Osburn 3500 unit features an air wash system to help keep the door clean

One of the most amazing features of the Osburn 3500 wood stove insert is the air wash system. The air wash system is a specific design feature that uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in cool air from the room; the air is then heated and ducted to 'wash' over the inside of the glass. This feature helps to keep the glass clean for longer, allowing you to enjoy the glow and flames as your fire burns.

Features and Specifications:

  • High-efficiency EPA-certified appliance
  • Heating Area between 1,000 and 2,700 square feet
  • Heat BTU Output of up to 110,000 BTUs
  • Powerful 144 CFM Blower Included
  • Metallic black finish
  • Firebox volume of 3.5 cubic feet
  • Recommended log length 16 inches
  • Maximum log length 22 inches
  • Burn time 10 hours
  • Single cast iron door with glass insert
  • Ceramic Glass
  • Glass air wash system
  • Steel thickness: 5/16 inch on top of the unit
  • Steel thickness: 3/16 inch on the body of the unit
  • Efficiency rating of 71 percent
  • Emissions: 1.32 g/h
  • Baffle type: High heat-resistant C-cast
  • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
  • Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion
  • Glass surface dimensions: 15 3/4" x 9 3/8"
  • Minimum Masonry Fireplace Measurement Requirements: 26 1/4" H, 31" Wide, and 18 3/8 " Deep
  • Non-catalytic combustion technology
  • Recommended connector pipe diameter: 6"
  • NOT Approved for mobile home installations
  • Tested and listed to applicable standards by an accredited laboratory
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Due to weight/size, this item will ship using a freight carrier. This item will not ship via UPS or USPS.

Osburn stoves are manufactured in Canada and North America.

There are a variety of custom options to help this insert work with your existing opening. Make sure you choose the proper face plate and trim options to give the unit a finished stylish look.

Osburn 3500 wood  burning insert Dimensions:

  • Overall Height 24 7/8"
  • Overall Width 30 3/8"
  • Overall Depth 29"
  • Door opening Height 9 7/8"
  • Door opening Width 22 7/8''
  • Firebox Height 12 7/8"
  • Firebox Width 22 7/8"
  • Firebox Depth 20 1/8"
  • Shipping weight: 540 pounds

It is always recommended to read through the product manual before installation. You will want to familiarize yourself with the clearances and wall and floor requirements to make sure you are complying with all local and state building codes. Prescribed clearances are the minimum clearances that are required for the safe operation of the unit. With impressive BTU output, wood stoves can radiate a significant amount of heat and we want your home to be safe.

The Osburn 3500 is a trusted brand from SBI

Based out of Quebec, Canada, Osburn Wood Stoves are manufactured by Stove Builder International Inc., also known as SBI. SBI is a family-owned company that produces high-quality residential heating products. Since SBI’s formation in 2003, the company has used its extensive product knowledge and innovative skills to produce wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplace inserts, and furnaces. SBI produces multiple brands including Osburn, Drolet, and more. 

Under the Osburn brand, SBI produces an extensive variety of high-quality, EPA-efficient wood stoves that have sleek designs and are sure to meet all of your heating and burning needs. Osburn Wood Stoves are dedicated to offering a well-built and energy-efficient wood-burning product that is not only stylish but affordable too.

WARNING: This product can expose you to carbon monoxide, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Is the Osburn 3500 a good wood stove?

The Osburn line of wood stoves, manufactured by SBI, is one of the leading brands of wood stove manufacturers in the world. They produce stylish, energy-efficient wood stoves that exceed EPA regulations and have features that make homeowners consistently give their units positive reviews.

Osburn wood stoves are high-quality, efficient appliances that are sure to meet all of your heating requirements. As with any brand of wood stove, it is important to choose a model that's the right size for your home, and when using the unit, make sure that you are always burning quality seasoned firewood with the proper moisture content and ensure your stove has the proper venting and a good draft to help circulate smoke up and out of your home.

Are wood-burning stove inserts worth the money?

Wood-burning stoves are going to produce more heat and have a higher efficiency rating than the more traditional wood burning fireplaces. Wood stoves such as the Osburn 3500 wood burning insert are going to be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than your traditional fireplaces. This makes them a superior choice and definitely worth the investment 

Where are Osburn wood stove fireplace inserts made?

SBI manufactures the Osburn fireplace and wood stove models at their facility in Quebec, Canada.

How long does it take for the Osburn wood stove insert to burn?

The Osburn 3500 EPA Woodburning Stove insert has a maximum burn time of 10 hours. However, there are a number of factors including appliance location, chimney draft, and fuel type that can cause variances in this amount of time. 

Where can I learn more about Wood Stoves?

Check out our Resource Center for articles such as:

  • High-efficiency EPA certified appliance
  • Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) : 1,000 - 2,700
  • Blower Included 144CFM
  • Color : Metallic black
  • Maximum Log Length: 22"
  • Glass air-wash system
  • Ceramic Glass
  • Steel thickness (top) : 5/16"
  • Efficiency : 71%
  • Emissions : 1.32 g/h
  • Baffle type : High heat-resistant C-cast
  • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
  • Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion
  • Burn time : 10 h
  • Glass surface dimensions: 15 3/4" x 9 3/8"
  • Minimum Masonry Fireplace Measurement Requirements : 26 1/4" H, 31" Wide, and 18 3/8 " Deep
  • Non-catalytic
  • BTU: 110,000
  • Recommended connector pipe diameter : 6"
  • NOT Approved for mobile home installations
  • Tested and listed as per applicable standards by : An accredited laboratory

Due to weight/size this item will ship using a freight carrier. This item will not ship via UPS, or USPS.

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