Outdoor Fire Pit Types

Jun 18th 2020

Outdoor Fire Pit Types

Outdoor Fire Pit Types

Outdoor Fire pits have become popular tokens that go hand in hand with outdoor entertaining and the tradition of gathering around an open flame when the sun goes down and the stars light up the sky. Outdoor Fire pits heighten outdoor enjoyment with a rare combination of leisure and excitement. Whether the night calls for a relaxing evening of backyard lounging or an exciting night of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with the family, an Outdoor Fire pit is a fun and affordable way to celebrate good times shared.

Outdoor fire pits are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs that create the atmosphere of a campfire with the safety of a fireplace. Some Outdoor Fire pits are portable, some have ceramic tile surrounds, some have decorative hand crafted fire domes, and some Fire pits are even made to be cooked on so you get the best of both worlds; a hot fire and delicious grilled foods. Outdoor Fire pits offer the choice of a few different fuel options as well.

Wood Burning Outdoor Fire pits offer the most exciting outdoor entertaining capabilities and enhance outdoor events with authentic smells, sounds, and flame presentation that only a true wood burning fire can create.

Wood Burning Outdoor Fire pits come in a variety of shapes and sizes but generally consists of a fire bowl that is held up by a 3 or 4 leg base and a fire dome or spark guard screen to protect those around the fire from stray sparks and burning embers. Some Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplaces will also come with a lift tool to remove the fire dome or spark guard screen or a poker for tending to the fire.

Getting the fire started in your Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace can be made easy by using a high performance fire starter. Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares are ideal for use with Wood Burning Outdoor Fire pits. They light quickly and easily, are environmentally friendly and will not cause dangerous flare ups like some liquid fire starters. Safe Lite Fire Starters will ignite even if they are wet, they are non toxic and they will not flavor food so they can even be used to start a cooking fire without worry.

Another favorite fire starter among wood burners is Fatwood Fire Starter. Fatwood Fire Starter is an all natural fire starter that originates from the center of the pine tree where the wood is rich in sap. Fatwood Fire Starter is loaded with resins. It burns quickly and cleanly and only takes two sticks to get a roaring fire started.

Rainbow Flame Crystals are a great accessory to have on hand with a Wood Burning Fire pit. They provide hours of entertainment for young kids by transforming a wood burning fire into beautiful panorama of rainbow colored flames. Rainbow Flame Crystals can only be used in Wood Burning Outdoor Fire pits. They are not for use with natural gas or propane Outdoor Fire pits.

Wood Burning Fire Pit Pros and Cons
Pros Cons

* No monthly costs
* No need to run a gas line
* Produces a high heat output
* Creates a campfire atmosphere
* Great for cooking and roasting marshmallows

* Smoke can be unpleasant
* Produces flying sparks and embers
* Fire can be difficult to start and control
* Ashes will need to be removed frequently
* Must monitor embers until fire is completely out

wood burning
Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pits

Are you the type that high tails it indoors when the weather turns cold? Your outdoor living area being left empty until it warms up outside is no longer a concern, when you add a wood burning fire pit to your space.

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Natural Gas Outdoor Fire pits have become increasingly popular because of their convenience and safety. Natural Gas Outdoor Fire pits offer instant heat and ambience without all of the mess and maintenance associated with wood burning. A natural Gas Outdoor Fire pit can be lit with the turn of a key or the flick of a switch. Natural Gas Fire pits support the easy going life style because they don't require splitting, stacking or hauling firewood, the fire doesn't need to be stoked or tended to, and they don't have to be cleared of ash and soot.

Prior to adding a Natural Gas Fire pit, you will have to run a fuel line to the planned location of which your Outdoor Fire pit will be placed. Adding a Natural Gas Outdoor Fire pit to a deck or patio will prove to be a little more difficult and a landscape designer or contractor may need to be consulted for the application.

Natural Gas Fire Pit Pros and Cons
Pros Cons

* No sparks or embers
* Does not produce smoke
* No ash or soot to clean up
* Fire lights quickly and easily
* Provides instant heat and ambiance

* Fire rings may clog
* Not ideal for cooking or roasting
* Provides less warmth than a wood burning fire

Propane Outdoor Fire pits operate with a liquid propane tank. Much like Natural Gas Outdoor Fire pits, they provide instant warmth and ambiance. Typically, Propane Fire pits are prefabricated units that have a base designed for storing the liquid propane tank in the base where it is out of sight so it doesn't take away from the beauty of the Fire pit. The propane tank in a Propane Outdoor Fire pit is easily accessed by means of a door or drawer.

Lighting a fire in a Propane Fire pit is as easy as turning a knob to ignite the flame. The burner or gas ring on a Propane Outdoor Fire pit is usually disguised fake logs or geo shapes, lava rock, or colored fireglass. Propane Outdoor Fire pits are an appealing choice for those who have an existing patio and don't want to bother with running a gas line to fuel the fire pit.

Outdoor fire pits are a great way to warm up the nights and bring the family together to celebrate good times shared. They extend the outdoor entertaining season by creating a warm inviting atmosphere that keeps they party going long after dark. Outdoor fire pits make great additions to patios, pole barns, garages and outdoor areas of all sorts. Whether you like the traditional wood burning outdoor fire pit or are more drawn to the convenience of a gas outdoor fire pit, there's no better way to make your outdoor space more useable than furnishing it with an outdoor fire pit.

Propane Fire Pit Pros and Cons
Pros Cons

* No stray sparks or embers
* No ash or soot to clean up
* Fire lights quickly and easily
* No dodging smoke while you relax
* Provides instant heat and ambience

* Not ideal for cooking or roasting
* Fire rings may clog and stop working
* Propane tank will need to be refilled
* Provides less warmth than a wood burning fire

propane types
Propane Gas Fire Pits

More and more people are building outdoor living spaces as an extension of their home. A gas fire pit is an essential addition to your perfect backyard retreat.

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