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Pearl Fireplace Mantels

For over 50 years, Jim Pearl has been producing some of the most beautiful wood fireplace mantels that represents roots, heritage and tradition. Furniture is arranged around them, precious treasures are displayed on them, and they create a sense of balance and stability to the entire room.

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The fireplace and mantel are sometimes the very first appliance and piece of furniture in any home. Also there are some that want their fireplace mantel to be the focal point of the entire home. In these situations you want to have a mantel that is crafted with the same care and craftsmanship as a fine piece of furniture. For the finest furniture quality mantels you want to go with one of the most trusted brands in the industry and that is Pearl Mantels.

At Northline Express we pride ourselves on knowing and using the products that we recommend to our customers and Pearl Mantels is definitely a manufacturer that we recommend. Check out the Northline Express YouTube Page where we review many of the models available today. Also you can start with this video that includes more information on the Pearl Mantles Company

Pearl Fireplace Mantel shelves and surrounds are some of the best on the market

Since 1995, Pearl Mantels has been manufacturing the finest furniture quality mantels and surrounds in the industry. The company was founded by Jim Pearl who had over 50 years experience in the furniture industry. Jim believed that if you give people honest value, quality products and personal service you'll make a customer for life. The folks at Pearl Mantles believe that the fireplace mantel not only serves as the focal point of the room, but is also the emotional core of the home itself. It represents roots, heritage and tradition and it gives a sense of balance and stability to the entire room.

Jim Pearl turned the reigns over to Mike Baker in January of 2012 and Pearl Mantels continues to create exclusively designed furniture quality mantels and other furniture products that capture the attention of homeowners for many years to come. Pearl Mantels has a catalog of over 30 different products, each created with a focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Pearl Mantels come in a variety of styles including non combustible shelf options as well as wood and MDF options

The 60 inch Zachary noncombustible Fireplace Shelf can add a clean contemporary focal point to any room. Also the white painted48 inch Marshall Surround model adds a clean contemporary design to your fireplace. If you are looking to make a statement the 72 inch Auburn Mantel Shelf in it's distressed cherry finish adds a warm traditional feel and can be used in any room with or without a fireplace.

You can also check out the Northline Express YouTube Page where we review many of the models available today.

Decorate the area above the Pearl Mantel shelf with items such as clocks, photo frames, glass vases, or artwork

What you decorate the mantel with is almost as important as choosing the mantle itself. There are numerous creative ways to accessorize your mantel. It is always a good idea to coordinate colors and styles with the rest of the room. These accents help breathe life into your room and help to make it a gathering place for your friends and family.

Pearl Mantles are backed with a 1 year warranty

All Pearl Mantel products come with a 1 year warranty that the product will be free of defects, provided that the product is used as intended under normal circumstances.

For installation of the fireplace mantels, it is always recommended to adhere to your local building heat and clearance codes as well as the manufacturer guidelines for your specific firebox, stove or heating appliance. Failure to adhere to the codes will void your product warranty and can result in product damage and even personal injury or loss of life.

FAQ - Pearl Mantel Shelves and Surrounds

How do you install a Pearl Mantel or how hard is installation?

Pearl Mantels makes it easy to install their products. They offer easy to read instructions in all of their packaging and they offer helpful how to videos on their website as well. In many cases they use Hanger Boards, or hanger rails for their installation. A few of their products require different types of installation.

It is always recommended to check your heating appliance manual as well as check with your state and local building codes to make sure that you are following proper clearance requirements and guidelines for a safe installation.

How far should a mantle stick out? How much longer should a mantel be than the fireplace?

In most cases this is really up to the homeowner and installer. Some people like their mantels to be completely centered over the fireplace opening with 3 to 4 inches of over hang on each side. Others want the mantel to be shorter than the fireplace opening. Some like to have a deep mantle, some what a shallow. The deeper mantles may require more support in order to be safe to install or to place items on top of.

Where are Pearl Mantels made?

The Pearl Mantel headquarters is located in Collierville, Tennessee.

Where can I learn more about Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds?

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