60" Lindon Unfinished Fireplace Shelf by Pearl Mantels

Pearl Mantels
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Lindon Fireplace Mantel Shelf

If your room construction or interior decor does not allow space for a full surround fireplace mantel, a Mantel Shelf is a great accessory to add style and flair to fireplace settings. The Lindon Mantel Shelf features an Asian hardwood, multi-layer design and is unfinished. It can be left unfinished to create a rustic, natural look or stained and painted to create a more modern hearth setting.

The Lindon Fireplace Mantel Shelf is guaranteed to be the focal point of any room whether you choose to keep it bare and traditional or dress it up with dramatic accents such as candelabras, flower vases and portraits, or decorative, unique shaped mirrors. Holiday wreaths, garland and other holiday accents will also look great and add a world or seasonal atmosphere when placed on top or draped from the mantel shelf.

All wood used in the construction of mantels produced by Pearl Mantels has been kiln dried.

  • Unfinished
  • Multi-layer design
  • Can be stained or painted
  • Constructed of Asian hardwoods including Choi and Ash

All wood used in the construction of mantels produced by Pearl Mantels has been kiln dried.

  • 60" mantel shelf Asian hardwoods and veneers, with graduated moldings unfinished
  • For use in any room not just for the hearth
  • Mitered hanger board assembly included for easy installation
  • Look for the pearl inlay that graces the right hand side of the shelf as proof that you have received an authentic Pearl Mantel.
  • Wood is considered a combustible material. Heat clearances must be adhered to.
  • If installing over a fireplace, check your local building codes and the manufacturer's instructions for your specific fireplace insert or stove.
  • Asian hardwoods and veneers.
  • Top shelf length 60"
  • Bottom base length 52 7/8"
  • Top shelf depth 10"
  • Bottom base depth 8"
  • Overall height 7"
  • Weight 34 pounds
  • Mounting hardware for hanger rail not included
1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects in material and workmanship
13.00 (in)
9.00 (in)
64.00 (in)
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