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Pellet Vent Pipe

Note: All Stove & Chimney Pipe is chosen and classified by the inside diameter. If your flue has a 6" Inside Diameter you will choose from the 6" Stove and Chimney Pipe categories

Please Note: Chimney components from different manufacturers and brands cannot be mixed and may not fit together or could cause serious problems. Choose a manufacturer or brand based on your needs

Pellet Vent & Corn Vent Pipe

Choose Your Pellet Vent Pipe Diameter

To determine which size pellet stove vent pipe you need, measure the inside dimension across the chimney or appliance opening. Follow manufacturer recommendations whenever applicable. Never use a chimney that is smaller in diameter than the flue size of the appliance it is being connected to. If you are having trouble figuring out which size pellet vent pipe your installation requires, contact our chimney professionals today. Our vent pipe experts are standing by and ready to help via phone, email, and instant message.

Q: I want to install my own pellet vent chimney system but don’t know where to start.
A: See our section on How to Install Pellet Vent Pro and PelletVent Pro Installation Instructions.

Start first by determining what size of chimney your pellet stove requires, pellet vent pipe is available in 3" and 4" diameters. This information is in the instruction manual of your pellet stove. Never go smaller than what is required or you risk having smoke or gasses backing up or a poor draft in other words.

Determine the layout or installation type that is applicable to your home. For pellet vents, the most popular installation is thru-the-wall terminating outside versus a straight-up installation and is relatively inexpensive.

Once you determine the above requirements you will need to choose a manufacturer and brand of the chimney (many manufacturers offer several brands within a type).

Q: Which manufacturer or brand should I go with?
A: There are several brands available, we recommend Dura-Vent PelletVent Pro for new installations due to their reputation, warranty, product offering, availability, and price. Our Website displays “customers choice” manufacturers & brands for Pellet Vent Pipe.
Q: What is the difference between PelletVent and PelletVent Pro?
A: Dura-Vent PelletVent is less expensive than PelletVent Pro, however, we recommend Dura-Vent PelletVent Pro. PelletVent Pro is available in galvalume or black (galvalume only in PelletVent), has a wider selection of components available, and has a 1” clearance to combustibles versus 3” clearance on PelletVent and many other brands of pellet vent pipe. PelletVent Pro is preferred by professional installers and is our top selling pellet vent pipe. Additional information is available in our Pellet Vent Pipe section.