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Patriotic Bunting Pleated Fan with Stars

These 27in x 54in fans have sewn stripes and printed stars, and will look great on your house or business. These fans are beautifully made, very sturdy and will last for years. Made from heavy duty Nylon, which is extremely durable and weather resistant. These are not the cheap "pleated effect" fans sold by our competitors, they have generous pleats.

These fans have a sturdy nylon header and 3 brass grommets. These are made with bright colors, and will look great on your house or business. They are suitable for inside and outside use. Made in the China.

FAQ - Super Tough Patriotic Bunting Fans

Q: How durable are Super Tough Pleated Fans? 

A: Customers who purchase Super Tough Pleated Fans often give high ratings for their strong construction and resistance to outdoor weather conditions. These fans are made from durable materials such as robust polyester or nylon to ensure a long-lasting use.

Q: How should I clean the Super Tough Pleated Fan?

A: The Pleated Fan can be hand washed with mild detergent and warm water. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals that may damage the fabric.

Q: How can I display my Super Tough Pleated Flans?  

A: Our customers appreciate the versatility of Super Tough Pleated Flans. These flags are suitable for various applications, including residential use, commercial establishments, schools, and public events. First, you will wan to select a location: Next you will choose where you want to display the pleated fan. It can be hung on a porch, fence, building, or any other area that allows for proper visibility and secure attachment. 

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  • Beautifully made, high quality pleated fan
  • Very sturdy, made from a heavy duty nylon
  • Nicely sewn stripes and appliqued stars
  • Suitable for the outdoors, looks great indoors as well
  • Made in China
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27in x 54in
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