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The future of fireplace bellows is here! The Power bellow pumps out a constant stream of air with only a push of a button making fire-starting a snap.

Product Details

The Power Bellows is an indispensable tool for woodstove owners. It is more practical than manual bellows -- and so much cheaper. Serious wood-burners say that the Power Bellows is the fireplace tool they can't live without!

The Power Bellows makes starting a fire simple. Just point the gentle air stream to build your blaze quickly. It saves the bother of using wads of paper and other primitive methods to get your fire going. The Power Bellows is also safer to use. When you need to revive a dying fire, keep your hands and face away from hot surfaces and use the Power Bellows. The long metal-tipped tube directs the current of air to where you want it. Sleek and compact with a genuine leather thong for hanging conveniently alongside your fireplace tool set. The Power Bellows uses two "D" batteries (not included). Great for fireplaces, charcoal grills and campfires too!

Additional Information

  • Constructed of fire-retardant and high-temperature materials
  • Runs on 2 "D" batteries - not included
  • Low torque extends battery life
  • Do not allow children to play with this product as the metal nozzle can cause burns if touched.
Additional Information

Directions, Tips and Tricks:

To install batteries, squeeze the cover at the rear and pull it open. See the diagram on the inside cover showing how to insert the batteries. Snap close the cover, push and release the button, starting the generous airflow.

When building your fire, keep in mind that many air passages aid combustion and that dry kindling really helps. The secret is to get the fire hot enough so its own draft is self-supporting. Occasionally you may have to return to intensify with additional air. Aiming the Power Bellows at a glowing area for an extra 30 seconds will often ignite stubborn wood. Sometimes a balky fire requires slight adjustment of the wood.

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