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Pyrethrins - What Are They

Pyrethrins - What Are They

Jun 17th 2020

Pyrethrins are a botanical ingredient that can be found in natural mosquito repellents and insecticides. They offer safe, effective protection from mosquito bites and unlike DEET, which has been proven to cause health issues with prolonged use, pyrethrins offer effective mosquito control that is completely safe for your family and pets and they won't cause environmental harm.

Pyrethrins are made from extracts of the chrysanthemum plant grown primarily in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Ecuador Shortly after blooming the flowers on the plant are harvested. Originally, pyrethrins were made by grinding dried chrysanthemum into a powder. However, more recent methods consist of extracting the oils within the flowers with solvents.

chrysanthemum plant

Natural pyrethrins are contact poisons that rapidly penetrate the nervous system of mosquitoes and other insects. After pyrethrins are applied, within a few minutes of the application mosquitoes are paralyzed and unable to fly away. In most cases, pyrethrin alone is not enough to kill mosquitoes, but rather serve them with a "knockdown dose".

After a while, the natural pyrethrins are quickly detoxified by the enzymes in the mosquito and in some cases they are able to recover. Natural pyrethrins are also not stable in direct sunlight so for these reasons, organophosphates, carbamates, or synergists may be added to the pyrethrins to achieve more effective, and permanent mosquito control.

AllClear Mosquito Misters

AllClear Mosquito Misters repel and kill mosquitoes on contact using a variety of concentrated mists. AllClear Botanical Concentrate and AllClear Synergized Concentrate both contain pyrethrins, derived from dried Chrysanthemum flowers. AllClear Botanical Concentrate will protect against mosquito bites for up to 4 hours. Since AllClear Synergized mist contains piperonyl butoxide, it increases insect mortality and offers up to 6 hours of mosquito control.

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repelling Appliances

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repelling Appliances repel and control mosquitoes by using a synthetic analog or chemical copy of the naturally occurring insecticide pyrethrin. The ThermaCELL Appliance uses a metal grill to heat a mat that is saturated with the insecticide. Once the pyrethrin copy is heated, it is released from the appliance to create a mosquito-free barrier.

Pyrethrins are often used in spray insecticides and foggers like the Skeeter Defeater to get rid of mosquitoes. The Skeeter Defeater uses self-programming technology to release a pyrethrin insecticide and control mosquitoes for up to 300 square feet. Skeeter Defeater Insecticide can be used outside of the dispenser to spray by hand outdoors.

Pyrethrins can be used to repel a large number of pests including flies, earth worms, beetles, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Using products that contain pyrethrin are great alternatives to products like mosquito traps and other appliances that use chemical approaches to kill mosquitoes. Natural pyrethrin insecticides are safe for your pets, your family, and you outdoor environment and they are just as effective as chemical options for mosquito control. You may have to apply them a little more often, but it will be worth it as you will have peace of mind that there aren't any harmful side effects from using pyrethrins to repel and kill mosquitoes.

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