Residential Flag Poles & Mounting Kits

Residential Flag Poles & Mounting Kits

Increase your home's curb appeal with a residential in-ground flagpole kit from Northline Express . We have front yard flag poles for sale in a variety of sizes and materials to make flying the American flag, your state flag or an organizational flag easier than ever. Our residential flagpoles are priced low and come in a range of heights. Our flagpoles are made by well-known brands like Alliance, Cole Tools and Online Stores. We also carry Top Flight and Valley Forge residential flagpoles for sale.

Our residential flagpole collection also includes flagpoles designed for indoor use, such as the type used to hold large flags during ceremonies and celebrations. When choosing a flagpole consider its use, the weather and wind conditions where you live and how much you would like your flagpole to blend with its surroundings.

IMPORTANT: These poles are not recommended for windy areas.

Selecting the correct flagpole for your area and your needs is an important decision. There are several key factors that need to be considered when choosing your flagpole. These include your location in the country, the location of the pole on your property, cosmetic preferences, and how you want your flagpole to blend with its surroundings. All of these factors need to be thoroughly reviewed before actually purchasing the right flagpole to suit your needs. More....