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Rutland Toss-In Creosote Remover



$3.90 $2.25

Quick Overview

Make your chimney cleaning experience easier and burn safer with toss-in creosote remover.
  • Easy to use
  • Makes fires burn cleaner
  • Apply twice weekly for the first month (apply weekly for continuous use)
  • For use in airtight wood stoves and inserts
  • Safe to use in all types of chimneys
  • Changes creosote into a brush-able powder
  • Improves efficiency of the stove or insert
  • Reduces danger of chimney fires

Country of Origin: United States

More Information

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Product Note: Not a substitute for regular thorough chimney cleaning but it will make the job easier.

Rutlands Creosote Remover is a solid granular material that is activated by heat. It modifies creosote by changing it from a sticky tar like material to a loose powdery non-adhering deposit, which can easily be brushed away.Does not replace the need for a professional chimney sweeping, but makes that job easier.

This toss-in creosote remover is pre-measured for convenience. Toss the entire tube onto a brisk fire. Use two containers weekly for the first month or treatment, then one per week for the rest of the heating season for best results.

Save on quantities of 36 or more.

Not recommended for use in pellet stoves. If you have a pellet stove please see our Anti-Creosote Remover.

Rutland Toss-In Creosote Remover

Rutland Toss-In Creosote Remover.

Rating: 4.5/5 based on 2 review(s)
  • Price: $2.25 - In stock
  • Brand: Rutland
  • Product ID: NLE5RU_97S

Customer Reviews

Excellent.....BUT... Review by Bill
I have used these toss-in creosote remover for two heating seasons, with excellent results. I clean my own chimney, a stainless steel, 6-inch insulated, conected to a wood-burning stove. Before using this product, it was a struggle to push the brush down the chimney, but with regular weekly use, it is now effortless!

One problem, not related to the product, but to shipping: My shipment received about ten days ago was damaged, with several broken cylinders, creating an awful mess. I salvaged nearly all. An e-mail and photo showing damage sent to Online Stores nine days ago has received no response. (Posted on 12/10/2017)
Excellent product Review by tictock
Used this product all of last year. Chimney cleaner said our wood stove chimney had less creosote at end of season than it has had in a number of years. (Posted on 12/3/2017)

Additional Information

Additional Info


  Technical Data

  • Toss-in creosote remover
  • Not meant to replace chimney cleaning
  • To be used in air-tight stoves or fireplaces with inserts
  • Reduces chimney creosote to harmless ash.
Brand Rutland
Manufacturer Part Number NLE5RU_97S
Country of Origin United States

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