Selkirk Chimney Pipe

Selkirk is a leading manufacturer of chimney vent pipe for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Selkirk believes that not all chimneys are created equal and strives to offer the latest technology in chimney venting systems that provide safety, superior performance, and durability. Selkirk engineers set out to surpass the performance requirements of the industry and have done just that with revolutionary chimney venting systems that have made them the most trusted chimney supplier for over 80 years.
Selkirk produces exceptional chimney venting systems that are designed to accompany today's modern appliances which are engineered to produce low emissions and high heat. Selkirk offers complete innovative chimney venting systems for corn and pellet stoves, gas stoves and fireplaces, and wood burning appliances. Selkirk is the world's most recognizable name in chimney and venting offering the finest venting products and widest range of high-performance products to meet your chimney venting needs. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on all products, exceptional customer service and technologically superior products, Selkirk is the name to trust.