Single Wall

Single wall pipe is the most common used stove pipe as it also helps radiate heat back into your room off the pipe itself. Want to make the most out of your single wall stove pipe See our Heat Reclaimers to recycle the heat from your single wall pipe and put it back into your room instead of wasting it. See all Heat Reclaimers. Single-wall stovepipe has an 12" vertical clearance, while double-wall can reduce the clearance to combustibles to 6" vertically. When running your pipe horizontally. a single-wall stove pipe has an 18" clearance to the ceiling, while a double-wall pipe has an 8" clearance to the ceiling.

Note: All Stove & Chimney Pipe is chosen and classified by the inside diameter. If your flue has a 6" Inside Diameter you will choose from the 6" Stove and Chimney Pipe categories

Please Note: Chimney components from different manufacturers and brands cannot be mixed and may not fit together or could cause serious problems. Choose a manufacturer or brand based on your needs