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3 Pack - Blue Rhino SkeeterVac FineTune Biting Insect Lure Refill

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Octenol Bait Block Refills for Skeetervac

Are you tired of unwanted mosquitos, black flies and no see-ums crashing your outdoor gatherings? Then it's time to break out the big guns with the Skeeter Vac Mosquito control systems and get rid of those pesky insects for good. This handy 3 pack will keep you protected for up to 6 months.

Skeetervac traps are one of the best mosquito attractant products on the market.

SkeeterVac mosquito traps are brought to you by Blue Rhino, a leader in the outdoor living industry. Mosquitoes track down hosts by sensing carbon dioxide (the primary cue), moisture and heat from breath, body odors and color contrasts. SkeeterVac mosquito traps create a combination of those cues. This tricks the insects into thinking the trap is a host. Then it finishes off the job by trapping and eliminating those biting pests so your outdoor experiences are safer and more enjoyable.

SkeeterVac Fine Tune Bait System is the only product on the market to provide attractant customization to specific outdoor environments. The various species of mosquitoes, black flies, see-ums and other unhealthy pests and different physical locations may require varying amounts of Octenol output. The Fine Tune Bait Block system allows you to adjust the different settings to vary the amount of Octenol output. Once adjusted for your physical locations the catch rate and attraction power will help free your living space from unhealthy pests such as black flies, mosquitos and other biting insects.

Skeetervac Octenol Bait Block Refill Specifications:

  • 3 Pack with 1 Bait Block replacement Per Package
  • Brought to you by the trusted name of Blue Rhino
  • Used on all model Skeeter Vac's
  • Works best if replaced every 60 days
  • Use in an outdoor environment and it attracts, traps and kills mosquitos, black flies, no see-ums and different species of biting insects
  • Bait Block can be used in units that use the Bait Chips. Simply put the bait block inside of the net of the machine.
  • Fine Tune Bait System output settings can be adjusted to give you greater attractant customization.

Skeetervac Bait Block accessories work with all models including sv35, sv3100, & sv5100.

If you're in need of baitblock refills this handy three pack will keep your living space free of mosquitoes, black flies, see-ums and other unhealthy pests for up to 6 months. Remember with the fine tune bait system you have full attractant customization to help control the physical insect population in your location. This gives you a greater amount of octenol for your area to increase the catch rate. The Skeetervac Octenol Bait Block Refills give a new level of quality performance at lower prices compared to other brands. Backed by the trusted name of Blue Rhino the Skeetervac Bait Blocks are one of the most exciting insect repellant product on the market.

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How long does skeetervac last?

The Bait Block refills for the SkeeterVac can last up to two months. It is recommended to change them out every 60 days.

What is the best placement for a skeetervac?

The SkeeterVac Systems are only designed for outdoor use and should not be placed closer than 10 feet to any structure.

Does the skeetervac really work?

The SkeeterVac mosquito trap systems are designed to be operated 24 hours a day to help reduce the nuisance of mosquitoes. It attracts female mosquitoes that are seeking a blood meal to nourish their eggs. By removing these females you also remove their eggs. Attracting, trapping and killing just one mosquito at the start of the mosquito season can prevent the birth of up to 25,000 more mosquitoes that season alone! 

Does octenol attract black flies?

The Octenol Bait Blocks by Skeetervac are designed to attract, trap and kill black flies, mosquitos and a variety of other biting insects. 

  • 3 Pack with 1 Bait Block replacement Per Package
  • Brought to you by the trusted name of Blue Rhino
  • Used on all model Skeeter Vac's
  • Works best if replaced every 60 days
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