SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Trap - 1.5 Acre

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  • 1 1/2 Acre Coverage
  • 5 Attractant Methods
  • Cordless
  • Easy to move Wheeled Cart

Product Details

SkeeterVac by Blue Rhino

The SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Trap
by Blue Rhino

The SkeeterVac SV5100 enters a whole new level of quality, function, and design. Every aspect of this machine has been specifically designed to attract, trap, and kill mosquitoes and other blood-seeking insects like no-see-ums, biting midges, black flies, sand flies and more. The SkeeterVac SV5100 combines the new Flight Guide contrast pattern TacTrap, CO2 converted from propane, and the power of Octenol BaitBlocks to effectively attract and trap biting insects like no other mosquito control equipment. The SV5100 also has the ability to use Lurex to attract and trap the Asian Tiger mosquito. To install the Lurex, simply peel off the clear protective coating and lay the Lurex cartridge on its side in the pre-molded bait holder. No Electric Cords - Powered by propane!

This product will provide the following when used as directed:

  • Attract, trap and kill certain flying biting insects such as mosquitoes, no-see-ums, midges, sand flies and black flies.
  • Reduce the nuisance of certain flying biting insects.
  • Over a 4 to 6 week period reduce the overall mosquito populations by exterminating egg laden female mosquitoes.

The SkeeterVac mosquito trap is designed to be operated 24 hours a day to help reduce the nuisance of mosquitoes. It attracts female mosquitoes that are seeking a blood meal to nourish their eggs. By removing these females you also remove their eggs. Attracting, trapping and killing just one mosquito at the start of the mosquito season can prevent the birth of up to 25,000 more mosquitoes that season alone!

 height= SkeeterVac SV5100 Owners Manual


How the SkeeterVac SV5100 Works

The SkeeterVac SV5100 is a cordless unit that creates its own power to energize the suction fan by converting propane to electricity using a catalytic converter. Once it is ran through the catalytic converter, the propane byproduct is CO2. When the fan powers up, the exhaust from the fan blows CO2 and an attractant called Octenol out of the unit along with heat and moisture. Mosquitoes are drawn to the CO2, Octenol, moisture and heat thinking it is a mammal. Some mosquitoes will get stuck on the sticky TacTrap which is the black and white portion of the trap surrounding the SV5100 engine. Mosquito research has shown that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. The design of the TacTrap with the white and black contrast tends to make mosquitoes fly toward the wider dark portions of the TacTrap which is where the suction from the fan pulls the mosquitoes into the permanent net where they will dehydrate and die. Resistance is Futile!

SkeeterVac BaitBlock

Exclusive FineTune BaitBlock System

SkeeterVac is the only product on the market to provide attractant customization to specific outdoor environments. Different species of mosquitoes and different physical locations may require a lesser or greater amount of Octenol output. The FineTune BaitBlock system allows for 5 different settings to vary the amount of Octenol output. Once adjusted for your area the catch rate will increase.


Lurex3 Asian Tiger Mosquito Attractant

SkeeterVac also allows use of the Lurex attractant, which targets the Asian Tiger mosquito. Asian Tiger mosquitoes as well as different physical locations may require an adjustment of the Lurex output. The system allows for 5 different settings to vary the amount of Lurex output. The catch rate will increase, once you have found the right settings for your area.



This patent-pending feature ensures minimal loss in vacuum power as the trap fills up. The SV5100 has been re-designed with the WaveDrawer on top of the engine eliminating the maintenance required on earlier models.

SkeeterVac LED Attractant

LED Lighting Attractant

SkeeterVac's unique 5-color "motion" lighting system helps increase attraction levels and works on difficult species like the Asian Tiger mosquito.

What makes SkeeterVac different?

  • Cordless - No limit on placement, no cord to trip over or cut and no service interruptions.
  • Powerful - The exclusive catalyst system produces 25% to 100% more CO2 than competitively priced models.
  • Coverage - More CO2 means more attraction power over larger coverage areas.
  • Value - More features and better performance at lower prices!
    • FineTune Baiting System - SkeeterVac traps are the only units that can vary attractant output levels. This allows users to customize to their unique environments and improve capture performance.
    • Ability to use Lurex to attract and trap the Asian Tiger Mosquito (2007 and newer models).
    • Reliable Electronic Ignition - All SkeeterVac models start instantly. An easy to read indicator lets you know it is running.
    • Vac & Tac Technology - these models are the only traps available that employ a powerful vacuum trap system and a large area sticky trap with directional graphics. This dual trapping approach means greater trapping performance.
    • Motion Lighting - most models feature a unique lighting system that attracts more species by creating a motion effect over a 360° area.
    • Easy No Tools Assembly - available on all models

Maintenance: Refill propane tank every 14 to 16 days, replace BaitBlock every 60 days, replace TacTrap when 80% covered with mosquitoes.

Additional Information

  • Exclusive FineTune BaitBlock System™ - SkeeterVac is the only product on the market to provide adjustable octenol output.
  • Over 1 Acre Coverage.
  • Catalytic Technology for optimum CO2 creation - key element in attractant formula for mosquitoes.
  • 50-80% More CO2 output than similar competitive brands.
  • 3 Times longer bait life than competitive brands.
  • Ability to use Lurex.
  • TacTrap sticky trap paper for catching even more mosquitoes - not found on many units.
  • Easy No-Tools Assembly.
  • 5-Color "motion" system - increases attraction levels.
  • 1 Touch Ignition - Just turn on the gas and push the button.
  • "ON" Indicator Light.
  • Easy Access Trap System - simplicity in cleaning.
  • Includes main unit, 1 BaitBlock, 1 TacTrap, and a tank cover (propane tank not included).
  • Produced by Blue Rhino.
  • Dimensions: 26 1/2" High x 19 1/2" Wide x 33" Deep.
  • No Electric Cords - Powered by propane!
  • Free Propane Tank Cover.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Propane Tank Not Included.
Additional Information

The SkeeterVac SV5100:

  • Attracts, traps, and kills mosquitoes and other blood-seeking insects like black flies, biting midges, no-see-ums, sand flies and more to rid your living space of the unwanted and unhealthy pests.
  • Uses 5 different attractants including:
    • Fine Tune Bait System using Octonel/Lurex depending on your geographical location. This simulates the scent of an animal attracting biting insects from up to a mile away.
    • Flight Guide which uses colors to direct mosquitoes into the highly effective sticky trap.
    • 5 Color LED motion" lighting system helps increase attraction levels and works on difficult species like the Asian Tiger mosquito.
    • The same propane that powers the unit is converted into heated CO2 and used as an added attractant mimicking a mammals breath which is how mosquitoes track their meals.
    • Finally the color of the entire trap itself was designed specifically to attract mosquitoes to it. Nothing was overlooked.
  • Cordless This unit is powered by propane making it very easy and versatile compared to other corded units which also typically burn propane anyway.
  • 1 Acre Coverage means that you can cover most living spaces and then some.
Brands Blue Rhino, SkeeterVac
Model CPSV5100
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