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Skeetervac Tac Trap Refills - 2 Pack

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Skeeter Vac Tac Trap Refills - 2 Pack

Skeeter Vac Tac Trap Refills lure pesky insects away from your family

Skeeter Vac's exclusive Flight Guide Tac Trap system uses contrasting colors to attract mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects and lures them toward the Skeeter Vac fan. Skeeter Vac, manufactured by Blue Rhino, is an affordable solution to get rid of pesky mosquitos, black flies, and gnats. Designed to diminish your mosquito and insect population within 30 days. 

Skeeter Vac Tac Trap bait refills for Mosquito Vac propane models are better than traditional bait blocks

Female biting insects require blood to nourish their eggs. They get that blood from you, your family, your pets, and your friends.  They track down hosts by sensing the carbon dioxide (the primary cue), moisture and heat from breath, body odors, and color contrasts. Skeeter Vac mosquito exterminators create a combination of those cues. This tricks the insects into thinking the trap is a host. Once the pests are attracted to the exterminator, they are captured on the sticky trap or sucked into an enclosure by a powerful vacuum fan. Once trapped, they quickly dehydrate and die. 

Once the mosquitoes are attracted to the appliance Skeeter Vac vacuums them into a trap where they die from dehydration in a matter of hours. Skeeter Vac operates unattended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it's always protecting you and your family from biting mosquitoes.

Check out 4 Steps to Ultimate Mosquito Control to learn techniques to help take back control of your yard.

Tac Trap 2 pack refills work with Skeetervac models SV15, SV3000, SV3100, SV5000, SV5100, SV2000

The Tac Trap product works on all Skeeter Vac propane-powered models, including SV15, SV3000, SV3100, SV5000, SV,5100, and SC2000. However, they will not fit the Skeeter Vac Electric Bite Guard Insect Traps

Skeeter Vac uses a high-tech catalytic converter system to create specific volumes of C02 and water vapor. The mixture is heated to a precise temperature range and blended with a time-release attractant from our Fine Tune Maximum Protection Bait System. The mixture is then released through dual delivery tubes by a powerful fan system. The wind carries the mixture to where the mosquitoes reside.

Blue Rhino propane-powered Skeeter Vac Tac Traps have the best reviews out of any mosquito control system

The Skeeter Vac exclusive Flight Guide Tac Trap uses contrasting colors to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects toward the fan. The Flight Guide Tac Traps have an impressive catch rate percentage and many customers find the Skeeter Vac products to be the best mosquito-killing product on the market. 

Once you remove the Tac Trap from the box, there are thumb tabs located at the top of each Tac Trap for easy sanitary removal. It is recommended to empty the trap when it is 80% to 90% covered with mosquitoes, or other biting insects. 

It is hard to determine how often you will have to replace the Tac Trap with a new one. It will depend on the severity of your mosquito and flying insect infestation. They may need to be changed weekly or monthly.  There are two Tac Traps per package and this unit comes with three packages. It is recommended to change at least once a month until you determine the best practice for your specific location.

Skeeter Vacs are powered by Blue Rhino propane tanks and are sure to make a significant impact on your mosquito issues within 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use.

Be sure to check out our full line of Skeeter Vac products and put an end to your mosquito problems!

Skeeter Vac Brand Products

We also offer a wide variety of mosquito-related articles in our Northline Express Learning Center. and we also have helpful product videos on the Northline Express YouTube Page.

Who makes Skeeter Vac Tac Traps and Mosquito Vacs?

Skeeter Vac Brand Products are manufactured by Blue Rhino propane products and is a company that is based in Northern Wisconsin in the United States. Northline Express is a distributor of Skeeter Vac products.

Does the Skeeter Vac line of products really work?

The Skeeter Vac is an extremely successful tool at combating the insect population around your home.  The contrasting colors attract the pests to the Skeeter Vac to trap and help get rid of the bugs for good.

How long does it take for the Skeeter Vac system to work?

Once the Skeeter Vac appliance has been running for about 24 hours the trapping will begin.  Within 4-6 weeks you should realize a significant reduction in mosquitos. By this time the egg-laden females are typically removed from the environment, which stops the reproduction of newer insects.

How long does the Skeeter Vac lure tac traps last?

It is hard to give an exact period of time. It will depend on your specific location and how dense mosquito, fly, gnat, and other flying insect populations you have near your home. It is recommended to change out the traps when they are 80% to 90% covered by insects. A single tac trap has the potential to last anywhere from 2 weeks up to 8 weeks.  

The SkeeterVac's exclusive Flight Guide TacTrap uses contrasting colors to attract mosquitoes as well as direct them toward the fan.Thumb tabs are located at the top of the TacTrap for easy, sanitary removal when full. Replace the TacTrap when it is 80% to 90% covered with mosquitoes or other biting insects. There are two TacTraps per box - and 2 Boxes included.
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