Step 4 - Repel Mosquitoes with Personal Mosquito Repellent

Step 4 - Repel Mosquitoes with Personal Mosquito Repellent

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Step 4 - Repel Mosquitoes with Personal Mosquito Repellents

Once you've completed the third step in our four step process and you've targeted adult biting mosquitoes within your outdoor living area with a mosquito mister, you're ready to move on to the fourth step in our exclusive 4 step process to ultimate mosquito control. The fourth and final step involves using a variety of personal mosquito repellents to keep mosquitoes at bay while you are actively enjoying your outdoor area.

There are so many things that naturally attract mosquitoes to us as bloods hosts. Dark clothing, sweat and even just the scent of our breath can attract mosquitoes so using personal mosquito repellents as an added measure to repel mosquitoes during outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening or even just relaxing on the patio or enjoying time with family and friends during a backyard cookout is really important.

Personal mosquito repellents are available in so many portable styles that can be used to control mosquitoes in your back yard or packed up and taken along on outdoor adventures for mosquito protection on the go. Personal mosquito repellents are available in handheld and clip-able styles for head to toe protection against mosquito bites, and they can also be used as freestanding styles that can be set on table tops or set up on a Shepard's hook in the lawn. Compare personal mosquito repellent appliances below and see which one is right for you.

Personal Mosquito Repellent Comparison Chart
liquid net mosquito spray repellent thermacell mosquito repellent terminix allclear mosquito repellent lantern
  • DEET free
  • All natural spray
  • Natural, pleasant scent
  • Long lasting, non-greasy formula
  • Effective In independent lab testing
  • Lemon grass, cedarwood and citronella oils
  • $4-$9
  • DEET free
  • Proven up to 98% effective
  • 15' x 15' Area of protection
  • Tested and approved by U.S. Army
  • Repellent mat lasts for up to 4 hours
  • Each butane cartridge lasts for up to 12 hours
  • $23-$26
  • DEET free
  • Repels for 10 Hours
  • Proven to repel 95% of mosquitoes
  • Lasts 4 times longer than chemical brands
  • NATURALs concentrate protects 300 sq. ft
  • Controls heavy, medium or light mosquito activity
  • $70-$73

Once you've invested in personal mosquito repellents to protect yourself, your guests and your family while they're enjoying your outdoor area, you're well on your way to being successful at gaining mosquito control over your property. Our exclusive 4 step process is designed to offer mosquito protection from every angle and If you follow each step, we guarantee you will feel both instant and long term relief from mosquito infestations.