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A storage shed can make a great addition to your backyard. It can provide shelter for storing farm equipment and vehicles and can provide an area that will help you get your farm animals out of the rain. Storage sheds and shelters are the perfect structure to meet a variety of needs and uses.

Storage sheds can be constructed of metal, plastic, fabric, or wood materials

Storage sheds come in a variety of materials and are designed for different uses. The two most common materials for prefabricated sheds are either metal or some kind of fabric material.

Metal sheds come in a variety of sizes and square feet options. They are known for their durability and are perfect for environments with extreme weather conditions. Large metal sheds are great for providing a safe space for farm animals such as horses, pigs, sheep, and goats to get out of the rain.

Fabric sheds, on the other hand, are the most affordable and easiest to assemble. They are lightweight, portable, and ideal for temporary storage needs. Despite this, they offer less protection against harsh weather and are not as durable as their metal counterparts.

Storage Shelters have a variety of subcategories including Garden sheds, Lawn Sheds, Patio Sheds, and more

Sheds fall under the umbrella of Outdoor Storage options. Different manufacturers have different subcategories of shelters. Northline Express offers a line of Garden sheds, Canopies, and Portable Garages.

Garden sheds are typically made of wood or resin and are ideal for storing garden tools, lawn equipment, and backyard gardening supplies. They are usually smaller in square footage.

Portable Sheds and Garages generally provide a temporary solution for outdoor storage of items such as lawnmowers, bicycles, and even cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles. They are designed to withstand outdoor elements and offer flexibility if they ever need to be moved or taken down.

When choosing a storage shed, you have a variety of options when it comes to the floor

When choosing a shed, the floor is an essential consideration. Some prefabricated sheds come with an integrated floor, providing convenience and saving time during assembly. These are often made of durable and weather-resistant materials like metal or treated wood.

However, other shed types require you to construct the floor before assembling the rest of the structure. This do-it-yourself approach offers flexibility, as you can customize the floor to your specific needs and preferences. This allows you to choose what kind of flooring that you like. It can be as simple as using flat level ground, or you can have concrete poured. Some people like to use plywood as the base and others prefer to have a fully finished floor like you would find in a garage. Some folks even choose to add a patio outside of the shed and extend the flooring out for a nice sitting area.

Before starting the project, it's advisable to check your state and local building codes to understand the type of anchoring your shed will need.

Storage Sheds are a great way to organize your backyard and keep the area outside of your home clean

Outdoor storage sheds are as unique as your needs and they are great for storing lawn and garden equipment. A shed is a great place to store seasonal items such as holiday decorations, lawn furniture, and bicycles. They are also a valuable option for farms as they are a great place to store animal feed to protect it from pests and the elements.

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ShelterLogic brands are known for their affordability, innovative engineering, and durable construction, and are made to meet the unique storage and lifestyle demands of all our customers.

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Our Outdoor living section features a variety of styles of outdoor storage options, including portable garages, sheds, carports, tents, and more

In our outdoor living section, you can find a variety of options to give you some storage space to protect cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, ATVs, bicycles, campers, lawn equipment, and more.

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FAQ - Storage Sheds & Storage Shelters

Is it cheaper to build a storage shed or buy one of the premade shed kits?

The cost of building your own storage building or buying a prefabricated storage shed kit can vary greatly. Along with the cost you also want to factor in your time, energy, and access to building materials.

Building your own shed allows you to control the exact materials, size, and layout of the shed you want to build. If you are handy with tools and have access to building materials, this can sometimes cost less than purchasing a pre-fabricated shed kit, but it will cost you a lot more time and energy. Depending on the size and materials it can cost you anywhere from several hundred dollars to multiple thousands of dollars to build your structure. The advantage to this is that you will have a shed that is built exactly how you want it.

Purchasing a storage shed kit offers convenience and saves time, but it can be a bit pricier. When purchasing a storage shed kit they are generally very easy to assemble, requiring very few tools and most can be fully assembled in less than a day.

Does a Storage Shed Need a Foundation?

Yes, most storage sheds require a foundation. It's crucial to choose the right foundation to ensure the shed remains level and protected from moisture. The need for a foundation depends on the type, size, and weight of the shed. For instance, sheds smaller than 8 x 8 and lighter than 300 lbs can be placed directly on the ground or a base without a foundation. However, larger and heavier sheds need a strong and sturdy foundation for stability, durability, and longevity. It is always a good idea to check with your state and local building codes to make sure what the specific requirements are in your area.

What is the Difference Between a Shed and a Garage?

The main difference between a Garage and a Shed is that a Garage tends to be larger than a shed. Garages are also manufactured to be more of a permanent structure whereas sheds are sometimes designed so they are portable. Due to the size of the garage and its more permanent installation, they may require a building permit in order to construct one in your area. Sheds are generally small enough to where you will not need a permit, although it is always recommended to check with your state and local building codes prior to starting a project to verify.

Where can I go to learn more about Storage Sheds and Shelters?

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