Stove Cleaner/Paint Prep

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  • 12 Oz. Can
  • Solvent degreaser
  • Pleasant citrus scent

Product Details

Use Stove Bright Cleaner & Paint Prep to help prepare the surface of your wood stove or fireplace prior to painting.
  • Cuts oil and grease quickly
  • Great paint prep and cleaner
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Note; Paint must be shipped by UPS Ground, no air shipments and NO SHIPPING TO HAWAII, sorry.

It is recommended that Stove Bright primer is used before painting items that are going to be outdoors. For items that will remain indoors it is recommended to use Stove Bright prep and cleaner prior to painting the item.

Additional Information

  • 12 Oz. Can
  • Solvent degreaser
  • Pleasant citrus scent
Additional Information

If using this paint on a BBQ grill:

  • Stove Bright paint is not rated for extended exposure to the sun as other exterior paints are and will fade over time. Constant exposure will show fading or dulling around the third or fourth season. Keeping the grill covered or in an area not exposed to the UV light will lengthen the time before seeing the fading/dulling.
  • Stove Bright paint is not rated for food and the grease and food chemicals are caustic to the paint. Recommended to wipe any food or grease off of the paint immediately so it won’t attack the film of the paint.
  • Never paint the inside of the grill/unit.


Brands Stove Bright
Model 8098
Paint Type Primers - Cleaners
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1.0000
Actual Weight (lbs) 1
International Shipping Yes


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