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Selkirk® SuperPro Chimney Pipe

Selkirk SuperPro is a premium grade, stainless steel factory-built chimney system that offers the latest technology in factory-built chimney design. SuperPro provides superior performance, durability and safety when used with today's appliances which are engineered to produce low emissions and high heat. The premium grade stainless steel construction of both the inner liner and outer casing make Selkirk SuperPro extremely corrosion resistant. All of these features make SuperPro a great choice for professionals who are looking for a better quality , factory-built chimney system. Please Note: All Stove & Chimney Pipe is chosen and classified by the inside diameter. If your flue has a 6" Inside Diameter you will choose from the 6" Stove and Chimney Pipe categories

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SuperPro Chimney Pipe

SuperPro Chimney Pipe

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