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Swings & Umbrellas

Take your outdoor oasis up a notch with a new swing, umbrella, or both.

Who doesn't enjoy a swing? They aren't just for the porch anymore either. Dress up your firepit with a circle of swings opposed to benches. Add one to your front yard for a charming decorative touch that invites neighbors over for a chat. Or placed right out on your back patio for a quick, peaceful escape from reality, who couldn't use that these days? A swing creates a warm welcoming ambience that will boost the mood of any space. Scroll below for a wide selection of swings perfectly suited for your outdoor environment.

Add an umbrella for a touch of fun or a classy shade from the sun. Whether you are looking to shade the swing you just picked out, or an outdoor patio set you've had to abandon because of harsh rays, NorthlineExpress has got the umbrella you are looking for. There is no need to run from less-than-ideal weather conditions, just pop the umbrella open and keep the fun flowing! Scroll below to find the perfect fit for your oasis!

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We're all about finishing touches! Let's explore a couple essential finishing touches for your outdoor spaces!

  1. Everybody loves a swing.

Add a welcoming touch to your yard, your patio, or of course your porch. Everyone, any age can get enjoyment out of a swing. Think of all the memories that would be made. Watching the sunrise with a warm cup of coffee, friendly neighbor conversations, peaceful afternoon naps and even those momentous heart to hearts that bring families closer together. Shop our variety of designs and find the one just right for your outdoor oasis. Besides, every porch needs a porch swing!

  1. Another outdoor essential is an umbrella!

Shield your dinner guests from the scorching sun or that impromptu light drizzle. Less than perfect weather isn't a reason to take the party inside. You can simply place a fun, festive pop of color or a classy neutral that doesn't steal the show and keep the party going. Check out the selection of functional umbrellas we offer to dress up your outdoor living and entertaining areas.

Top of your perfect outdoor oasis with a charming swing, a festive umbrella or both! They are the perfect finishing touches for any patio.

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