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ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances

ThermaCELL Reviews

A lot of different mosquito repellents claim to be the best but few actually hold true to their promise when put to the test. ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances have met and exceeded the expectations of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts. Outdoor groups, various clubs and organizations, and even the U.S. Army have concluded that ThermaCELL Appliances substantially outperform and are superior to competing mosquito repellents during field tests and ThermaCELL reviews. This article discusses what experts look for when rating ThermaCELL Appliances during ThermaCELL reviews, and why they are quickly gaining popularity in mosquito control efforts.

EPA Approved

One very important factor highlighted during ThermaCELL reviews is whether or not ThermaCELL Appliances meet EPA standards. Both the ThermaCELL Handheld Repellent Appliance and the ThermaCELL Repellent Outdoor Lantern have met the EPA standards conducted throughout ThermaCELL reviews and are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. In order for ThermaCELL Appliances to meet EPA standards, they were evaluated for efficiency as well as potential effects on human beings and the environment. This means that upon completing ThermaCELL reviews, the EPA does not expect ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances to cause unreasonable adverse effects to human health or the environment.

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Effective Repellent

The repellent allethrin which is used in ThermaCELL Appliances to repel mosquitoes also earned repellent appliances positive marks during ThermaCELL reviews. Allethrin is a synthetic analog of a natural insecticide found in the chrysanthemum flower that is odor-free and is an alternative to lotions and sprays which must be reapplied to the skin.

ThermaCELL reviews have shown that by using repellent mats saturated with allethrin, ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances are able to repel up to 98 percent of mosquitoes, black flies, and no see-ums. ThermaCELL reviews show that each repellent mat will last for up to 4 hours.ThermaCELL Appliances have been recognized in countless ThermaCELL reviews performed by outdoor groups, clubs, and organizations for their safe, convenient, cordless, and portable design.

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Patented Technology

Also acknowledged in ThermaCELL reviews is the patented technology that ThermaCELL Appliances use to dispense a small amount of repellent into the air over a long period of time to create a "Mosquito-Free-Zone." ThermaCELL reviews show that a full butane cartridge will protect against mosquito bites for up to 12 hours.

Awards and Seals of Approval

ThermaCELL reviews have been conducted during outdoor activities that take place on patios, at camp sites, during spectator sporting events, hunting trips, fishing outings, and gardening at dusk or dawn when mosquitoes are the worst. During ThermaCELL reviews, ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances effectively provided hours of protection, and created a 15' x 15' barrier of protection during outdoor activities. Field and Stream, Camping Life, Good Housekeeping, and the National Home Gardening Club are some of the noteworthy organizations that have performed ThermaCELL reviews and given ThermaCELL Appliances various awards.

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A seal of approval was also given to ThermaCELL Appliances after members of the North American Fishing Club performed ThermaCELL reviews and concluded that ThermaCELL Appliances met the high standards of NAFC members who enjoy the sport of fishing during peak mosquito times at dusk and dawn.

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances have been proven effective through many extensive field tests and ThermaCELL reviews performed by well-known groups and organizations. ThermaCELL reviews show that the ThermaCELL Handheld Repellent Appliance and the ThermaCELL Repellent Outdoor Lantern improve outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping, and gardening by providing hours of mosquito control in virtually any outdoor environment.

Overall, ThermaCELL reviews prove that ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances make the outdoors safer and more enjoyable.