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  • Dimensions: 9 1/2" High x 8 3/4" Long x 7" Wide
  • Blower: 150 CFM
  • Motor: 120 Volts ~ 60 Hz
  • Drip Proof - Non ventilated Thermal Protection

Product Details

Whether you need to boost air flow for heating or cooling, or pull power to exhaust air, Tjernlund has the right Duct Booster Fan for the job. The DB-2 DUCT BOOSTER is designed to increase the flow of heated air in warm air heating systems, or cooled air in central air conditioning systems. Its size and design limits its use to branch ducts serving individual rooms, not the main supply or "Trunk line" duct. The DUCT BOOSTER can be mounted on round or flat ducts. It is frequently installed on a warm air duct of a gravity warm air furnace to provide heating for a basement area. All Tjernlund supply and exhaust Duct Booster Fans are engineered for easy installation, quiet operation and years of trouble-free service.

  • Duct Booster Fans can be installed in existing supply ducts to boost air flow into hard-to-heat or cool rooms.
  • Duct Boosters are the efficient, economical way to exhaust unwanted heat, humidity, odors or other air-borne contaminates.
  • For boosting air flow in heating or air conditioning ducts, or for powered ambient air intake or exhaust.
  • Easy installation in both round and rectangular ducts.
  • Installs in round metal ducts from 5" - 8" diameter or rectangular ducts as shallow as 3 1/4."
  • Can be installed in a section of metal duct and spliced into a section of flex duct.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 9 1/2" High x 8 3/4" Long x 7" Wide
  • Blower: 150 CFM
  • Motor: 120 Volts ~ 60 Hz
  • Drip Proof - Non ventilated Thermal Protection
Additional Information

Installation Restrictions

Important: Duct Booster fans are not suitable for exhausting flue gases or in environments where explosion-proof motors are required. The Duct Booster cannot be wired into the low (heating) and high (air conditioning/fan on) contacts of the blower relay. Doing so will short out the blower.

  • Do not install the DUCT BOOSTER where temperatures of air within the duct exceed 200°F. This temperature would only rarely be found on a forced warm air system but could exist close to the furnace on a gravity warm air system.
  • Locating the DUCT BOOSTER near the outlet end of a duct will provide the most efficient performance.
  • The DUCT BOOSTER must be installed with the motor shaft horizontal.
  • It can be installed on the bottom or top of a horizontal duct or any side of a vertical duct.

  Installation Instructions

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