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The Performer features a reinforced plate steel construction and interior firebrick lining to insure years of service. The performer offers brilliant flame presentation through a ceramic glass window on the cast iron feed door.

  • Heats up to 2,200 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable high speed (100 CFM) blower
  • Safety tested to UL standard UL1482-2010 (USA) & ULC-S627-00 (Canada)

Product Details

If you want the hottest burning, straight heat stove, the Performer Wood Burning Stove is the perfect stove for you. It features a durable 3/16" reinforced plate steel build lined with firebrick, and a heavy cast iron door with air washed ceramic glass for brilliant viewing of the fire.

The Performer wood burning stove is an air-tight, high efficiency, 3/16" plate steel stove that continuously produces maximum heat output. Boasting 119,080 BTU's per hour, and an efficiency rating of 76%.

Here is how it works: The primary air inlet at the front of the stove ignites the wood upon startup. Once burning, the secondary air inlet at the rear of the firebox feeds air to the top of the stove through three (3) ignition tubes directly above the wood. The result is that you have ignition, or fire, at the bottom AND at the top of the stove which, in effect, "consumes" the wood. This is a very effecient method of getting the most energy possible out of the wood that you are burning.

The Performer has a continuous burn time of up to 12 hours on a single load of hardwood, accepts logs up to 20" long and will heat up to 2200 square feet of space. The Performer also includes an adjustable high speed (100 CFM) blower to allow you to move more of that warm air into the room. Perfect for heating your Great Room, large living area, pole barn or garage.

air Wash

The superior design of the cast iron door uses an air wash system. What an air wash system does is consistently draws air from the top of the stove down past the 17" x 9" ceramic glass window. This effectively prevents the tar and soot that would normally build up, restricting your view and making maintenance a chore and always allowing you a magnificent view of your fire.

VZ Performer

The inside of the Performer is lined with firebricks for even greater burning efficiency. The purpose of the firebrick is multifaceted:

It helps to insulate the stove so that there is less unintended heat loss from the unit, allowing the heat to be distributed as desired. Firebricks hold up well to extreme temperature changes and possess low thermal conductivity making them an excellent choice for aiding in the efficiency and longevity of your stove. Gives the stove an aesthetically pleasing appearance while not in operation. In short, a firebrick-lined firebox is key for burning efficiency.

The firebox itself measures 21'' wide x 17'' deep and is capable of holding logs up to 20'' in length. Due to the afore mentioned efficiency qualities, the Performer can maintain a burn time of up to 12 hours on one load!

Note: A 12 hour burn time is dependent upon certain variables such as the quality of the fuel source and the amount of fuel (wood) used.

As the fuel burns up, the spacious and easily accessible ash drawer hold the debris cleanly and securely until it is time to be cleaned out.

Not only will the Performer completely satisfy your heating needs, it can also act as a humidifier when accompanied by a water steamer! Simply place on top and refill occasionally. With just a little bit of Stove Scent, your water steamer can become a fragrance diffuser! Stove Scent fragrance sold separately.

*This unit meets the Washington and Utah's state regulations for low emissions.

This unit is rated for used in Canada

May NOT be installed in mobile homes, manufactured homes, trailers or tents. (No Exceptions)

Stove pipe sold separately.

Additional Information

  • 6" Round flue size
  • 119,080 BTU rating
  • Heats up to 2,200 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable high speed (100 CFM) blower
  • Safety tested to UL standard UL1482-2010 (USA) & ULC-S627-00 (Canada)
  • Burns up to twelve hours on one fueling
  • Large ash drawer for quick and easy ash removal
  • Heavy gauge 3/16 reinforced plate steel construction
  • Cast iron feed door with ceramic glass window
  • Firebrick ling for years of service
  • Meets EPA requirements for CERTIFIED wood burning appliance (stove)
  • Exterior dimensions: 33" High x 26.5" Wide x 26" Deep (not including the blower)
  • Firebox dimensions: 17" Deep x 21" Wide x 14" High
  • Blower will not affect clearance from back of appliance to the wall
  • Some assembly required
Additional Information
BTU Heat Output (High Burn) BTU Heat Output (EPA Constant) Firebox Capacity (cu. ft.) Area Heated (sq. ft.) Log Size (max) Burn Time Flue Diameter Emissions (grams per hour)
119,000 29,421 2.155 2,200 20" Up to 12 Hours 6" (Top) 3.89

Dimensions Firebox Chamber Dimensions Mobile Home Approved Door Opening Weight Catalytic Combustor
33" High x 26.5" Wide x 26" Deep (not including the blower) 17" Deep x 21" Wide x 14" High No 18" Long x 9" High 325 lbs No

Clearances to Combustibles

Unit to Side wall 15" (USA)
Unit to back wall 11" (USA)
Unit Corner to Wall 12" (USA)
Pipe Connector to back wall 18"
Pipe Connector to Ceiling 18"

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Brands Vogelzang
Model TR009
Fuel Type Wood
Material Steel
Shipping Weight (lbs) 325.0000
Actual Weight (lbs) 325
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