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Wall Hangings & Photography Prints

Wall Hangings & Photography Prints

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A lot of thought and work goes into decorating or redecorating your home, don't give up once you've got your furniture, paint, and lighting figured out. Give your home more personality and charisma by finishing off your décor with wall hangings & photography prints. Things like art pieces and prints can help create a visual balance in a room. Spruce up your bare walls with a few smaller pieces organized like a gallery consisting of art pieces, photos, mirrors, and clocks; or find the perfect wall hanging bold enough to make a statement all on its own.

A couple tips for decorating with wall hangings & photography prints:

  • Wall hangings and prints will absorb noise, adding them in any room can help maintain a quiet, calm atmosphere.
  • Add horizontal, landscape items to widen a narrow space.
  • Floral portraits can create an illusion of height on a wall you wish was just a little taller.
  • Add smaller pictures in clusters to work as a unit, one focal point, to avoid looking cluttered.
  • To find the right layout without putting unnecessary holes in your walls, create mock pieces  out of scrapes of paper and arrange using painter's tape on your wall. This creates a movable model of your layout that won't inflict any damage. Play with different shapes, sizes, and arrangements to pinpoint the exact pieces your need for any space in your home.

NorthlineExpress has what you are looking for to put those finishing décor touches on any room in your home. Search through items that will add dramatic effect, sophistication, charm, or allure.

Wall hangings & photography prints also make great gift ideas! Shop today for fast, free shipping! 

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