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Types of Indoor Wood Burning Stoves

When shopping for a new wood stove you want to consider the following features like if it is EPA certified, produces high heat and is going to burn efficiently. We offer a variety of stoves that range in sizes to heat any size home, that can burn wood or pellets, can be used as your furnace and even for cooking! Check out our guide below to learn about each type of stove and what is going to meet your needs the best.

Small, Medium, and Large Wood Stoves

We have a selection of stoves that will meet the needs of small, medium, or large areas to heat. The small wood stoves will heat an area of 500-1,499sq feet which is perfect for cabins, hunting camps, lodges, large garages or smaller homes. The medium wood stoves will heat an area of 1,500-2,700sq ft which is ideal for medium sized homes or mobile homes (if that stove is approved for mobile homes). The large wood stoves will heat 2,500sq ft or more which is the best option for a larger home.

Wood Pellet Stoves

If you are shopping for a Pellet Stove, we have some great options from brands like Cleveland Iron Works, US Stove and American Energy. We also offer a variety of accessories and maintenance items for your pellet stove such as pellet stove boards, pellet venting pipe, pellet buckets/scuttles, sealers and cleaners for your appliance.

Although pellet stoves appear to be a lot similar to wood burning stoves on the outside, they are very different and are built with sophisticated parts and components on the inside. They use compressed wood pellets to heat your home and operate by feeding fuel from a storage container into a burning pot to create a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments.

Pellet stoves are low cost, clean burning and low maintenance heaters that can be used to heat your entire home or as zone heaters to heat the rooms you use most in your home. Pellet stoves offer most of the same perks that wood stoves do and are available in a variety of sizes to heat all types of homes and various styles including free-standing, inserts and furnaces.

Wood Stove Insert (Fireplace)

Fireplace Inserts also known as a Wood Stove Insert are a great option if you have a existing fireplace. Wood fireplace inserts utilize an existing masonry fireplace and instantly transform them into an efficient and effective home heating source. Our wood stove inserts include a variety of styles and sizes to heat any size home. Our fireplace inserts have trim and faceplate options to blend with the existing architecture of your fireplace. Our wood stove insert selection includes a large selection of top-of-the-line inserts from leading manufacturers like Osborn and New Buck Corporation.

Wood Furnace and Heaters

Are you looking for a cheaper way to heat your home? Every year, you feel the bite in your pocketbook when the mercury on the thermometer dips low. No doubt we are all looking to save money where we can in these turbulent times. While searching for an alternative source for heating your home and saving money on your heating bills, you may have looked into purchasing an indoor wood furnace. Indoor wood furnaces have the advantages of wood fuel economy plus the comfort of filtered, thermostatically controlled heat distributed throughout your heating ducts. Keep warm for many winters with an economical, indoor wood burning furnace!

Wood and Coal Cooking Stoves

Having a woodstove with a cooktop is great option for cabins or hunting retreats, our Log Wood 2020 Woodburning Stove not only boasts two integrated cooking tops but will also heat a space up to 900 sq feet! Another option for a wood burning cooking stove is the Nectre 350. This wood fired oven combines the essential functions of a classic wood stove and cook stove in one compact, charming appliance. It's extremely versatile design allows you to effectively heat up to a 1,000 square foot area and cook your family's meals. For the baker side of you this powerful radiant wood stove features a cooktop with two removable rings that become a cooking burner, baking oven with two wire cooking racks and a built-in thermometer. The adjustable bypass allows for greater fire and oven temperature control by increasing/ decreasing the amount of air into the firebox. We also offer a coal burning cooking stove that is the Vogelzang Rancher, this stove features a large "flare-top" with four 8" lift-out cook lids that allow convenient top loading. The Rancher's ability to accommodate several pots and pans at once makes it the perfect addition to cabins, hunting camps, and lodges.

Multi Fuel Appliances

What are the benefits of a multi fuel stove verses just a wood stove? Well, with multi fuel stoves you can burn a variety of materials and not just wood. For example our U.S. Stove American Harvest Multi-Fuel Fireplace Insert is capable of burning compressed wood pellets, corn, soy beans, cherry pits, olive pits, bio mass fuel grains and processed palletized silage with only a few adjustments to the appliance!

Multi Fuel appliances can also be known as Flex-Fuel appliances. With Flex-Fuel you can switch from wood pellets to corn and other biomass fuels. These stoves are very safe with multiple safety features like a automatic cool down and shut off auger. They also can often be used in a mobile home. The greatest benefit of these type of stoves is that they are extremely efficient and will save you on high heating costs!

There is also less maintenance involved while running a Multi Fuel stove as you can heat often up to 50 hours or more on one load. This means no tending to your heat source and some come with a tri-level combustion pot so when you run out of one fuel source the other will start to burn. It is a great way to burn waste that otherwise would end up in a landfill. You're not only saving money, you're helping the environment and burning waste in a clean and efficient way.

Wood Stove Brands and Manufacturers

We offer a variety of top wood stove brands like Osburn, New Buck, US Stove, and more. We have categorized our wood stoves to meet your specific needs for size and style.

United States Stove Company (US Stove) is a privately owned company that has been producing industry leading home heating appliances since 1864. We carry a selection of United States Stove Company heating appliances including wood stoves; single and double barrel stove kits and wood burning circulators in a variety of sizes and styles to fit every installation need. Whether you are looking for a primary or secondary home heating source or even an outdoor heat source we have you covered.

Osburn produces some of the cleanest burning wood stoves available. As a Canadian family-owned company their goal has always been to have the best offer among environmentally sustainable heating solutions and since their beginning in 1985 they have been doing just that. We offer a large selection of Osburn wood burning stoves in a variety of styles and sizes including both wood stove models and fireplace inserts.

New Buck Corporation are stoves that are USA Made and have a long history of expertly crafting wood stoves. They are very successful and have expand their product selection beyond wood stoves over the years to also include an outdoor line of firepits and even patio furniture. Their large warehouse produces these stoves through using technology such as art laser cutting tables and on-site powder coating.

Questions and Answers about Wood Stoves and Installation

Can a wood stove heat an entire house?

Not always, generally you can only heat the space in which the wood stove is installed. Depending on the location of the stove and installation of products such as wood stove fans, you can increase the reach of heat across rooms from a central wood burning stove.

Is it worth getting a wood burning stove?

Yes, a wood stove will save you money and is a great investment. It is also better for the environment by reducing greenhouse emissions from up to 30%.

How does a wood burning stove work?

When the door of the wood stove is closed this establishes the air flow through the air vents that allows the flames to rise but also burn efficiently and slowly. Heat is then pushed out by a blower and the wood stove will also emit radiant heat.

Which wood burning stove is the most efficient?

Osburn stoves are highly efficient and are often cited as one of the best options for wood stoves and fireplace burning inserts.

Should I buy single wall or double wall stove pipe?

It depends on your clearance to combustibles. Single wall black stove pipe needs to be at least 18" from combustibles, will radiate more heat than double wall black stove pipe (desirable in most cases), costs way less, and can be cut to length if needed. Double wall black stove pipe has a 6" clearance to walls and 8" clearance to ceilings. Clearances to combustibles can also be reduced with various items such as pipe heat shields. Mobile home installations require double wall black stove pipe for added safety.

Can I go through my wall with single wall or double wall black stove pipe?

No, you must use factory-built class A chimney pipe such as DuraTech or DuraPlus once you transition through a wall or ceiling.

What is the biggest difference between brands of single wall black stove pipe?

Black stove pipe is available from NorthlineExpress in 3 brands of single wall and at least two brands of double wall pipe. Single wall black stove pipe is offered in three grades: Snap-Lock, DuraBlack, and HeatFab. Snap-Lock pipe is the least expensive but not necessarily the best choice. It snaps together hence its name, has thinner gauge metal than DuraBlack and does not fit together as nicely as other brands of black stove pipe. DuraBlack is our most popular choice of black stove pipe as it is less expensive than HeatFab, is 24 gauge thick, fits together nicely with Dura-Vent chimney systems, and has a lot of fittings available. HeatFab is the thickest black pipe at 22 gauge, has many fittings, fits well together and is a good choice for those looking for the highest quality and longest lasting stove pipe.

What is the difference between stove pipe and chimney pipe?

Many confuse the terms. Stove pipe, also known as connector pipe, is usually painted black and is used in the interior of the home until you transition through a wall or ceiling. Class A chimney pipe, also known as "high temperature pipe" is used thereon. Stove pipe, black pipe, single wall pipe, connector pipe all refers to the same thing. Chimney pipe, class A pipe, triple-wall pipe, insulated pipe, high temp pipe all refers to class A chimney pipe. Double-wall pipe could be associated with either double-wall stove pipe like DVL (brand) or double-wall chimney pipe like DuraTech (brand).

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